ГДЗ Решебник Барашкова к учебнику Верещагиной, 5 класс по английскому языку. Lesson 20. Упражнение 192

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Complete the following sentences with a, the or no article.
Last year we went to the Urals, let’s go to Crimea this year.
How can I get to Sheremetyevo airport?
What’s on at “Slava”?
Can you tell me the way to King’s Hotel?
Mike’s uncle has a very interesting job. He often goes to the Far East. – Does he? Is he a scientist? Does he study the Pacific Ocean?
Mike is not a good pupil. He could find neither the Alps nor the Altai on this map.
The Oka flows into the Volga.
Pushkin Theatre is on left.
Have you ever visited the Tolstoy Literary Museum?
Let’s go to Izmailovo Park. – That’s a good idea. Shall we go there by bus or by car?
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