ГДЗ Решебник Барашкова к учебнику Верещагиной, 5 класс по английскому языку. Lesson 22. Упражнение 214

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Write sentences using Neither … or So …
He could find nothing interesting. (she) Neither could she.
He ate nothing. (we) Neither did we.
She often invites me to her parties. (he) So does he.
We never saw them again. (they) Neither did they.
My brother never misses a football match on television. (Ted) Neither does Ted.
I never have milk for breakfast. (my sister) Neither does my sister.
They never answer her questions. (he) Neither does he.
She will do it again. (I) So shall I.
She is never hungry in the morning. (we) Neither are we.
We were watching TV. (I) So was I.
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