ГДЗ Решебник Барашкова к учебнику Верещагиной, 5 класс по английскому языку. Lesson 23. Упражнение 223

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Change the sentences to indirect speech.
“Please tell me your name.” The prince asked her to tell him her name.
“Come with me to my father’s palace.” The prince asked her come with him to his father’s palace.
“You have saved my life.” The prince told her that she had saved his life.
“How did you find our house?” They asked her how they found their house.
“Don’t forget us!” They asked him not to forget them.
“You don’t have to be afraid of me.” The wolf told the girl that she didn’t have to be afraid of him.
“I am going to see my Granny.” The girl said that she was going to see her Granny.
“I am taking her these flowers.” The girl said that she was taking her those flowers.
“Where does your grandmother live?” The wolf asked the girl where her grandmother lived.
“Who is it?” The grandmother asked who it was.
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