ГДЗ Решебник Барашкова к учебнику Верещагиной, 5 класс по английскому языку. Lesson 5. Упражнение 48

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Ask a question about the information underlined in each of the following sentences using how, how long, how many, what (2), what game, when, where, who, why.
– When is he going to come? – He is going to come tomorrow.
– How will they travel by? – They will travel by train.
– What game they going to play? – They are going to play hockey.
– Where is she going to stay? – She is staying at a hotel.
– How long are they going to stay there? – They are going to stay there for five days.
– What will she do? – She will call the doctor.
– Who is meeting Mr. Brown tomorrow? – John is meeting Mr. Brown tomorrow,
– How many cassettes is Ted going to buy? – Ted is going to buy three cassettes.
– Why is Kate going to buy the book? – Kate is going to buy the book, because she likes the pictures.
– What is Jerry doing tomorrow? – Jerry is having lunch with Mr. Clark tomorrow.
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