Биболетова, 2 класс, 2013 – Учебник – Lesson 46

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Например: The Pig.
I have a pig,
Not very little, not very big,
Not very pink,not very green,
Not very dirty, not very clean.
Is the pig pink? — Yes, it is.
Is the frog big? — No, it isn’t.
Can the dog sing? — No, it can’t.
Has the cat got a hat? — Yes, it has.
Has the dog got a stick? — No, it hasn’t.
It is red… It is brown… The frog is green. Tom’s frog has got a clock. The clock isn’t big. It is small.
[h] — hat, has, hen.
[ð] — with, the.
[r] — frog, grey, rabbit, red.
[ei] — grey, cake.
[w] — with, swim, sweet.
[g] — frog, grey, got, big, pig, leg, bag.
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