Биболетова, 2 класс, 2014 – Учебник – Lesson 42

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— Hi! I’m Dino. What is your name?
— Hello, Dino! My name is Cow.
— Where do you live?
— I live on the farm. And you?
— I live in the forest. Let’s play together.
— OK. Can you play chess?
— No, I can’t. But I can sing and fly.
— Let’s fly and sing together!
Yes, it can.

1) Can you swim? — Yes, I can.
2) Is Nick’s cat black? — Yes, it is.
3) Can Tim sing? — No, he can’t.
4) Is Tricky’s pig grey? — Yes, it is.
The parrot is 10. The cat is 7. The pig is 10. I have got 10 pens.
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