Биболетова, 2 класс, 2014 – Учебник – Lesson 43

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Meet my friends.
The elephant is big and strong.
The dog is funny and kind.
The tiger is nice and smart.
The lion is brave and strong.
The cow is kind and sad.
The cockerel is merry and funny.
Is he a lion? Can he sing?

[s] — swim, slim, skip, yes, sing, stick, seven, six,
[ɪ] — pig, swim, slim, big, skip, sit, pink, his,
[e] — tennis, pen, seven, pencil, red. hen, yes,
[æ]— rabbit, has, cat, can, hat, bag, Ann, rabbit,
[k] — book, cat, fox, clown,
[z] — is, his, zoo.
[e] — yes, tennis, pen, seven, pencil, red, hen,
[ɪ] — big, sing, pig, is, it, Nick, stick,
[eɪ] ei — grey,
[æ] — Ann, black, cat, rabbit, fat, can, and, hat, bag.
1) His cat is big and fat.
2) Can pigs swim?
3) Ann’s pig is not grey.
4) Rick has got seven red pens.
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