Биболетова, 2 класс, 2014 – Учебник – Lesson 48

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Не is a boy. His name is Jim.
She is a girl. Her name is Jill.
They sing together every day.
They speak English.
Read and play.
He is Jim. She is Jill. He has got a dog. It is black. She has got cat. It is grey. They can jump.

[ɒ]— not, on, clock, dog, fox,
[e] — yes, tennis, pen, seven, pencil, red, hen,
[ks] — box, fox,
[dʒ] — Jill, Lim,
[t] — it, Tom, ten, two, Tricky,
[ʌ] — but, fun, jump, run, mum, duck, runny,
[ð] — this, the, that, they.
1. Bob has got a funny black rabbit.
2. We have got 2 dogs. They can run.
3. The cat can jump. It is merry.
4. She has got a funny black duck.

The rabbit is black. The dogs are brown and yellow. The cat is brown. The duck is grey.
Dogs can swim and run. But they can’t sing and skip. Cats can’t swim, but they can jump. Cockerels can sing.
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