Биболетова, 2 класс, 2014 – Учебник – Lesson 60

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I think he is strong and brave. He is not lazy. He can sing, swim and run. He has got a black nose. He likes his forest.
1) Fox, crocodile, cockerel, box, clock, long, forest.
2) nose, no, close, go, home, toe.

1) Can crocodiles fly? — e) No, they can’t.
2) Have crocodiles got long noses? —a) Yes, they have.
3) Can I take a crocodile my home? — d) No, you can’t.
4) Are crocodiles red? — b) No, They aren’t.
5) Can crocodiles swim? — c) Yes, they can.
He isn’t strong and brave. His face isn’t funny. He hasn’t got a black nose. He can’t swim, sing and run. He lives in the house. He likes his lake.
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