Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 1 – Meeting Friends

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A good beginning makes a good ending.
Лиха беда начало. (Доброе начало полдела откачало.)
Walkman, visit, learn, autumn, letter, Britain, present, meet, speak, third.
1) second
2) think
3) June
Black – white, dirty – clean, big – small, fat – slim, good – bad, nice – ugly, short – long, sure – shy.
The sixth of October is Roo’s birthday.
The twenty-first of October is Kanga’s birthday.
The third of June is Owl’s birthday.
The twenty-second of August is Rabbit’s birthday.
The ninth of March is Tiger’s birthday.
Roo would like to have jeans.
1) I would like to visit Great Britain.
2) I would like to meet the British Queen.
3) 1 would like to play tennis well.
4) 1 would like to be a Princess.
5) I would like meet Winnie-the-Pooh.
1) I think Roo is kind and clever.
2) They can speak English.
3) My friends are from USA.
4) Bob has a new walkman.
5) Are you from Russia? – Yes, I am.
1) We ride horses in May and in June. – Ann rides horses in May and in June.
2) They visit Britain in autumn. – Bob visits Britain in autumn.
3) You play tennis in summer. – Roo plays tennis in summer.
4) I swim in July. – My friend swims in July.
1) My friend can visit me in February.
2) I can not ride a car.
3) Can you read English books?
4) He can not sing at home.
5) I think Hobbit can play the piano.
Dear friend,
1 am Hobbit.
1 am from England.
I think I am kind and funny.
But I am not sure.
I can speak and read English.
But I can’t sing and dance.
I like to visit my friends.
Please write back.
– I’d like to have a birthday today.
– What would you like to have for your birthday?
– I’d like to have a new cartridge and many sweets.
– Oh, I can give you a sweet. Here you are.
– It’s great. Thank you.
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