Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 11 – Understanding Each Other

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1) Heavy – heavier – the heaviest
2) Clean – cleaner – the cleanest
3) Salty – saltier – the saltiest
4) Lazy – lazier – the laziest
5) Rich – richer – the richest
6) Easy – easier – the easiest
7) Old – older – the oldest
8) Slow – slower – the slowest
9) Wise – wiser – the wisest
10) Sad – sadder – the saddest
11) Bad – worse – the worst
12) Tall – taller – the tallest
13) Warm – warmer – the warmest
14) Merry – merrier – the merriest
15) Deep – deeper – the deepest
16) Good – better – the best
Job, future, language, outside, competition, friendship.
Competition, future, language, friendship, result, understand, remember, heavy.
1) a hardworking woman – a lazy man
2) a wise king – a silly queen
3) a correct answer – a wrong question
4) a kind boy – a greedy girl
5) a shouting sister – a quiet brother
6) a sunny day – a cloudy night
7) a hot summer – a cold winter
8) a slim grandpa – a fat granny
9) an easy future – a difficult past
10) a happy daughter – a sad son
1) Hobbit has neither a grandson nor a granddaughter.
2) I can write neither a poem nor a fairy-tale.
3) Bess understood neither his language nor his signals.
4) Hobbit will remember neither this place nor this palace.
5) The answers were neither wise nor interesting.
6) I think about neither the future nor the past.
There are 3 felt-pens on the table.
There are two exercise-books under the sofa.
There is a ruler under the armchair.
There is a dictionary on the table.
There is a box of paints between the armchair and the sofa.
There are pencils in the corner of the room.
There are textbooks on the shelf.
(x) His grandson is a hard working boy. (Present Simple)
(x) He doesn’t think about his future. (Present Simple)
(z) When will you make a deal with this firm? (Future Simple)
(y) She didn’t understand the king’s signals. (Past Simple)
(x) Our teacher knows three languages. (Present Simple)
(x) Do you remember this funny poem about mice? (Present Simple)
(x) I can answer all the questions. (Present Simple)
(z) It will be cold and rainy tomorrow. (Future Simple)
(y) Hobbit went shopping yesterday. (Past Simple)
1) When will you translate your fairy-tales into Russian?
2) Why did you write a lot of funny poems last summer?
3) What can you do well?
4) What will you buy for winter?
5) Are you a man or an animal?
6) How often does Miss Chatter write you letters? / Who writes you letters every week?
1) Karlson usually gets a lot of letters.
2) Miss Chatter won’t send these postcards next week.
3) My little sister does her homework every day.
4) Tomorrow we shall buy new cartridges.
5) Roo often learns poems by heart.
6) My brother didn’t repair his bike last week.
7) Winnie and Piglet were in the cafit yesterday.
8) His friend went shopping two days ago.
Dear Ben,
There are a lot of guests on my farm this summer. They speak different languages. But we understand and get along with each other well. The weather is fine. My guests walk, swim and play. Tomorrow they will ride horses.
In the morning a girl from Italy often sings songs for us. A boy from Canada paints wonderful pictures every afternoon. Yesterday he drew my portrait. Three days ago we visited Hobbit. He was hospitable and polite. He made jokes and told us about his new magazine. Hobbit will send you this magazine in a week. When will you come to see me?
Your friend Miss Chatter
P.S. My best regards to your mother. Please write back.
1) Miss Chatter’s guests go shopping every afternoon.
2) A girl from Russia played puzzles in the evening.
3) A boy from the USA didn’t play the guitar.
4) Two women from Great Britain helped Miss Chatter about the house.
5) Boys from France didn’t go to the forest.
6) Three men from Italy didn’t draw pictures.
Ten boxes of sweets, two bottles of apple juice, a kilo of apples, a kilo of oranges, three tins of fish, a loaf of bread, ten pieces of cake, two kilos of bananas, five bags of sweets, a litre of mineral water.
1) Kanga and Roo speak English.
2) Hobbit’s postcard was very beautiful.
3) Hobbit often makes jokes.
4) Piglet will clean his room tomorrow.
5) There is no bathroom and kitchen in Winnie-the-Pooh’s house.
6) This windmill is the oldest.
7) They were not at the farm three days ago.
8) I shall phone him in an hour.
9) Kanga bought some bread and cheese.
1) Once upon a time a king and a queen lived in a palace. Their palace was big and beautiful.
2) Miss Chatter has a lot of friends. Her friends write letters and postcards to her.
3) Ann saw my signals and helped me.
4) Do you get along with your sister?
5) He writes little poems for magazines. His poems are funny but wise.
– Hello!
– Hello! What can I do for you?
– Do you have warm mittens and hats?
– Of course, we do! We have a lot of nice mittens and scarves. But we don’t have many hats.
– Show me this yellow hat, please.
– Here you are. Does it suit you?
– Yes, it does. It is very nice. How much is the hat?
– 10 pounds. Anything else?
– No, that’s all. Thank you very much.
In for a penny in for a pound.
Hobbit advised pupils to learn English in summer (in future): read English books, learn poems, listen to the cassette, write letters to friends in English, speak English with friends.
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