Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 2 – Writing Letters to Friends

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1) envelope
2) pen
3) postcard
4) stamp
5) paper
6) street
Ключевое слово: letter (письмо; буква)
Слова, которые имеют несколько значений в русском языке: ключ, коса, ручка, класс.
Е, s, r, s, d, a, d – address
L, е, v, n, е, е, р, о – envelope
S, р, е, t, о, r – poster
M, о, t, a, n, р, s – postman
М, р, a, t, s – stamp
1) I can write a letter.
2) I can read a letter.
3) I can post a letter.
4) I can put a letter into the bag.
1) Write an address on the envelope!
2) I like to write letters to my friends.
3) She gets beautiful postcards on her birthday.
4) Little Roo always helps his mother. He puts stamps on envelopes.
5) Ann, put my letter into this envelope, please.
The girls’ Walkman, the postman’s cap, Ben’s cartridge, Roo’s sweets, Kanga’s flowers.
1) Peter usually writes long letters. – Peter’s letters are long.
2) Jim sends beautiful postcards. – Jim’spostcards are beautiful.
3) My friends have nice posters. – My friends ‘posters are nice.
4) The postman has a big bag. – The postman’s bag is big.
5) The girl has wonderful stamps. – The girl’s stamps are wonderful.
1) Hobbit’s pencils – b) карандаши Хоббита
2) Teachers’ computer – с) компьютер учителей
3) Sisters’ balloons – b) шарики сестер
10, Kangaroo Street
Green Forest
Dear Roo,
My name is Mike. I am a boy. My surname is Belov. I am eight. My birthday is on the seventh of May.
I live with my Dad, Mum and two sisters. I have two pets: a cat and a hamster. My cat’s name is Murzik. My hamster’s name is Chip. I like to swim and to play football. I can swim very well. I like to play computer games. My favourite season is summer. I have my holidays in summer.
Your pen friend
Mike Belov
1) Hobbit sends letters on Monday. – When does Hobbit send letters?
2) Hobbit draws beautiful postcards. – What does Hobbit draw?
3) She gets envelopes with nice stamps. – Why does she get envelopes with nice stamps?
4) The filmstar reads ten letters every day. – How many letters does the filmstar read every day?
5) Miss Chatter goes to the post office on Wednesday. – Where does Miss Chatter go on Wednesday?
1) What would you like to get on your birthday?
2) Where is she from?
3) How many letters do you send to your friends?
4) Who can write a letter to an English pen friend?
5) What computer games do you have?
1) Can Roo write a letter to me? – No, he can’t. He can’t write.
2) Is the post office big? – No, it is small.
3) Do you get many letters? – We usually get five and six.
4) When does Roo like to play tennis? – On Saturdays.
5) Where do you buy stamps? – At the post office.
6) What is your favourite flower? – I like red roses.
1) In spring we visit my grandma. When do we visit my grandma?
2) Ben has a new computer. Who has a new computer?
3) Miss Chatter posts her letters on Sundays. What does Miss Chatter post on Sundays?
4) The postcard is from England. Where is the postcard from?
5) Hobbit writes long letters to his friends. What letters does Hobbit write to his friends?
6) Piglet gets five postcards on his birthday. How many post postcards does Piglet get on his birthday?
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