Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 3 – Who Lives in Fairy-Tales?

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Цепочка слов: stamp nine mice cat envelope cockerel.
Ключевое слово: a nice watch.
Nose, eyebrow, teeth, mouth, forehead, ears, eyes, head, hair, feet, hands, fingers, cheeks, legs, knees.
It is funny and nice. It has four big ears and three eyes. Its nose is long. It has two hands and four legs. It has many teeth. It has four fingers on each hand and three toes on each leg. It can run and jump well.
Hobbit usually gets up at 7.15 a.m.
His friends often send many postcards on his birthday.
Roo always buys a lot of sweets.
My teacher seldom plays jokes.
I often visit this green park.
Kanga always has breakfast at 7.45 a.m.
We seldom meet new friends at school.
Dear Winnie,
I like my holidays, I get up at 9 a. m. and wash my face and ears. I don’t forget about my teeth.
I have many friends here. After breakfast we ski, skate and feed birds in the park. We watch TV twice a day. In the evening my friends and I listen to new fairy-tales and write letters. Sometimes we play jokes. Winnie, I miss you.
Come and see me, please.
Your Christopher Robin.
[ai] neither, time, pipe, goodbye
[a:] postcard, half, past, answer
[ei] rain, play, fairy-tale, May
[e] get, bed, every, letter
It’s time – пора
In time – вовремя
Neither… nor – ни.. .ни
Very well – очень хорошо
After – после
To have a sweet tooth – быть сластеной
To be busy – быть занятым
To wash hands – мыть руки
To clean teeth – чистить зубы
To water flowers – поливать цветы
To go to the shop – ходить за покупками
To play the piano – играть на пианино
To listen to music – слушать музыку
To watch TV – смотреть телевизор
Six men, fourteen mice, seven envelopes, three women, eleven pictures, two feet, ten teeth, nine clocks.
1) You must go to bed in time.
2) She must get up at 7 o’clock.
3) I like to listen to the music.
4) Take your letter and go to the post office.
5) Roo puts his ball into the box every evening.
1) Piglet is neither strong nor brave.
2) Piglet is neither big nor small.
3) Piglet plays neither the piano nor the guitar.
4) Piglet likes neither fish nor meat.
5) Piglet can play neither football nor hockey.
1) Kanga can neither swim nor fly.
2) Kanga has neither a piano nor a guitar.
3) Kanga likes neither milk nor tea.
4) Kanga is neither fat nor ugly.
5) Kanga plays neither football now tennis.
1) What does he clean after lunch?
2) Who is hospitable and polite?
3) Where does Roo put his ball into?
4) How many cards do I get on my birthday?
5) How can we speak English?
– Hello! I am glad to see you.
– Hello! I am not well. Help me, please.
– You look fat. Do you eat many sweets and cakes?
– Yes, I do. I like sweets very much.
– Do you smoke your pipe every day?
– Yes. I smoke my pipe every day.
– Do you go for a walk in the forest?
– No, I don’t.
– You must eat fruits and drink milk.
– Thank you. I’ll do my best. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Remember “An apple a day keeps doctor away”.
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