Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 4 – Enjoying Your Home

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A lamp, a clock, an armchair, a chair, a candle, a bookshelf, а picture, a bed, a TV, a sofa, a table, a mirror.
1) mirror
2) wall
3) rich
1) clock
2) window
3) table
4) chair
5) house
6) bedroom
7) pantry
Ключевое слово: kitchen
1) There are a lot of books on the shelf.
2) There are four chairs at the wall.
3) There is no pantry in his flat.
4) There is a new carpet on the floor.
5) I share a big room with my brother.
6) Have you got a Walkman of your own?
1) There is a lovely woman in the kitchen.
2) Is there an old fireplace in Hobbit’s hole? – Yes, there is.
3) There are five shelves with books in his room.
4) There are no mice in my house.
5) There are no children in the bathroom.
6) There is a sofa, a table and three chairs in the living room.
1) There is neither a Walkman nor a pipe in the room.
2) There is neither a computer nor an armchair in the room.
3) There is neither a carpet nor a picture in the room.
4) There are neither balls nor balloons in the room.
5) There is neither a mirror nor a TV in the room.
1) There is a big window in my bedroom.
2) There are no pantries in our house.
3) He shares his room with no friends.
4) Is there a lift in Hobbit’s hole?
5) Have you a room of your own?
My name is Adam. I haven’t got a room of my own. I share it with _ my little brother _ Sam. There is a round table at the window. There are three chairs at the table. The fourth chair is at the wall. There is a sofa, a bed, a big clock and a lot of toys in _ our room. There is no _ TV in the room. We _ like to play in _ our room.
[∫elf] – shelf
[‘pæntri] – pantry
[flæt] – flat
[fai∂] – fire
[do:] – door
[‘kit∫∂n] – kitchen
1) How many flowers are there on the table?
2) Why are there a lot of postcards in his hands?
3) What is there in our room?
4) How many cartridges are there on the shelf?
5) Where are there a lot of men?
1) Roo can’t play the piano well.
2) Hobbit can speak and read English.
3) Piglet must not eat many sweets.
4) Tiger must wash his face and ears.
5) Miss Chatter may open the window.
6) Roo may invite friends.
There are six rooms in Jim’s house.
a) I need a table.
I need a bed.
I need a chair.
I need a TV.
I need a lamp.
b) I don’t need a mirror.
I don’t need a shelf.
I don’t need a sofa.
I don’t need a fireplace.
I don’t need a picture.
There is no place like home.
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