Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 5 – My Favourite Season

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Ski, ball, skip, jump, badminton, basketball, swim, dive, run, bike, tennis, ride.
A snowman, football, basketball, a postman, a postcard, icecream, bathroom, bedroom, fireplace, a walkman, an armchair.
I like to: ski; play basketball; run; jump
I would like to: skate; play volleyball; swim; dive
I don’t want to: water-ski; play tennis; ride a bike; toboggan
Cold – hot, little – big, busy – lazy, shy – sure, sunny – cloudy, cold – warm.
[i] – rainy, foggy, windy, frosty, snowy
[ei] – rainy
[o:] – warm
[o] – foggy, not, frosty
[∂u] – cold, snowy
[ai] – bright
In autumn I like to play basketball.
In spring I don’t like to swim.
In summer I like to play football.
In winter I don’t like to play tennis.
1) In February it is cloudy and windy.
2) In April it is cloudy and rainy.
3) In May it is warm and sunny.
4) In July it is hot and sunny.
5) In September it is rainy and cloudy.
6) In November it is cold, windy and cloudy.
1) He won’t write 10 new fairy-tales on Monday.
2) Не won’t write a letter to his friends on Wednesday.
3) He won’t send 200 postcards on Thursday.
4) He won’t make ninety-nine big cakes on Sunday.
It will be a house.
It will be a door.
It will be a face.
It will be sweet.
It will be a computer.
I want to ask:
1) Shall I be a doctor?
2) Shall I have a family?
3) Shall I live in a house or in a flat?
4) Shall I have many friends?
I don’t want to ask:
1) Shall I have one son?
2) Shall I live in America?
3) Shall I have a dog?
4) Shall I be a postman?
1) My friends live in a new house now.
2) Miss Chapter ‘ll post this envelope tomorrow.
3) There’ll be a meeting in an hour.
4) Look at the calendar! Today is twenty-first of May.
5) They’ll swim next month.
6) She won’t invite guests next week.
1) I am kind, clever an energetic. – I’m kind, clever and energetic.
2) I am not ugly. – I’m not ugly.
3) I do not live in Moscow. – I don’t live in Moscow.
4) I have not a cockerel. – I haven’t a cockerel.
5) My pets are nice and merry. – They’re nice and merry.
6) They are not fat. – They’re not fat.
7) He does not like to work. – He doesn’t like to work.
8) He cannot play jokes. – He can’t play jokes.
9) I would like to see you. – I’d like to see you.
10) The weather will be sunny. – It’ll be sunny.
11) It will not be rainy. – It won’t be rainy.
12) I shall be glad to see you. – I’ll glad to see you.
A windy day, a foggy morning, a rainy year, good weather, a snowy winter, a hot summer, a warm autumn, a cold spring.
It is cold and slippery.
It is warm but windy.
– Would you like to ski today?
– No, thank you. It is cold and windy.
– What will you do then?
– I shall play computer games.
– I like to play computer games, too.
– Will you come to me then?
– With great pleasure.
– Do you have the computer game “King Lion”?
– OK. I’ll bring this cartridge.
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