Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 6 – Being Happy in the Country and in the City

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1) country, flower, wood, mountain, town, cow, horse, farmhouse, road, curious.
2) bridge, church, house, garden, climb, yard, path, cart, sheep, river, cow.
[au] – town, cow, brown, how
[a:] – large, cart, yard, farm
[i] – rich, river, bridge, windy
[i:] – cheese, field, sea, tree
[r] – river, bridge, country, interesting
1) flowers
2) garden
3) road
4) windmill
5) horse
6) cow
7) church
8) sheep
9) field
1) I can build a farmhouse.
2) I can ride a horse.
3) I can walk in the garden.
4) I can see a bridge.
1) When will Ben visit his English pen friend?
2) How many apple trees are there in his garden?
3) Where do they go on Sundays?
4) What is there near their farmhouse?
5) Who will ride his house in the field in an hour?
1) за городом – in the country
2) на мосту – on the bridge
3) на ферме – on the farm
4) в поле – in the field
5) в церковь – to the church
6) по субботам – on Mondays
7) в пустыне – in the desert
8) во дворе – in the yard
9) на дереве – in the tree
10) в городе – in the city
I would like visit Chatterplace in summer. I it is sunny and hot, I’ll ride a bike. If it is hot, I’ll swim in a deep but warm river. If it is not rainy, I’ll feed little rabbits and climb the trees. I think I’ll have a good time. If it rainy and windy, I’ll read interesting fairy-tales and visit Hobbit.
Dear Miss Chatter,
I would like to visit you in summer. I want to ask you some questions.
Is there a church near your house?
Are there horses and cows on the farm?
Will the room be cosy and nice?
Will the room be large or small?
Must I clean the room every day?
Can I play tennis on the farm?
Can I dive in the river?
Large – larger – the largest
1) old – older – the oldest
2) dark – darker – the darkest
3) small – smaller – the smallest
4) nice – nicer – the nicest
5) big – bigger – the biggest
6) clean – cleaner – the cleanest
7) strong – stronger – the strongest
8) brave – braver – the bravest
9) bright – brighter – the brightest
10) little – less – the least
11) deep – deeper – the deepest
12) good – better – the best
13) kind – kinder – the kindest
14) merry – merrier – the merriest
15) fresh – fresher – the freshest
16) quiet – quieter – the quietest
17) beautiful – more – the most beautiful
18) interesting – more interesting – the most interesting
19) large – larger – the largest
20) hospitable – more hospitable – the most hospitable
21) warm – warmer – the warmest
1) The church is bigger than the windmill.
2) The road is longer than the path.
3) The farm is cleaner than the city.
4) This wood is the best here.
5) I like mountains more than fields.
6) The ocean is deeper than the sea.
7) This bridge is the worst in the town.
8) Monkeys are more curious than dogs.
1) a fox
2) a cow
3) an eagle
4) a whale/a penguin
Camel, leopard, dog, giraffe, eagle, elephant, tiger, rabbit.
I would like to have a cat because it is very nice.
I would like to have a hen because it gives eggs and meat.
I would like to have a bird because I like its singing.
I wouldn’t like to have a camel because it is too big.
I wouldn’t like to have a crocodile at home because it eats people.
I wouldn’t like to have a snake at home because it is dangerous.
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