Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 7 – Telling Stories

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Like – liked, be – was/were, say – said, give – gave, go – went, play – played, talk – talked, sit – sat, take – took, have – had, see – saw
September, 12
Dear Jim,
Last month I was at Chatterplace. I had a good time there. I lived in a small but nice room. When it was fine and warm, I went for a walk and played tennis.
There were a lot of animals. I helped Miss Chatter to feed them. I learnt to ride a horse. When it was sunny, I painted the farmhouse and the animals.
I saw a lot of beautiful places. Once I visited Hobbit and listened to his new fairy-tale. I liked my holidays. I’ll come back to Chatterplace next year. Would you like to go with me?
Yours Ben
P. S. Please write back.
[w∂:] – were
[∂’g∂u] – ago
[la:st] – last
[wi:k] – week
[‘sλdnli] – suddenly
[‘jest∂di] – yesterday
What is it that everybody saw, but can never see again, (yesterday)
Meet – met, make – made, be – was/were, fall – fell, learn – learnt, put – put, say – said, go – went, do – did, fly – flew, have – had.
1) My sister was more beautiful than her friend.
2) There were a lot of sheep on the farm.
3) The weather wasn’t rainy last autumn.
4) Were you in the mountains last month? – No, I wasn’t.
5) His eyes were big and kind.
6) Where were they three days ago?
7) It was time to go to bed.
1) Miss Chatter didn’t ski jump last month.
2) Hobbit didn’t write songs for pop-singers last year.
3) Shapoklyak didn’t help people yesterday.
4) Karlson wasn’t slim three days ago.
5) Mary Poppins didn’t drink dirty water yesterday.
6) Little Roo didn’t shout in the forest yesterday.
7) Big Little Rabbit and Small Grey Rabbit were in the desert a week ago.
1) How did Matroskin shout at Sharik?
2) What was the weather like?
3) How many big armchairs were there in the room?
4) What did he do yesterday evening?
5) What did they learn last week?
6) Where did my grandma have beautiful flowers?
1) The boy looked at his sister’s present. But he did not take any sweet.
2) Hobbit could not write the letter yesterday. He was too busy.
3) Did you play this computer game yesterday? – No, we did not. We were at the zoo.
4) Were you at home two hours ago? – Yes, I was.
5) I could not dive last summer. Now I can.
1) I visited my Granny last week on Friday.
2) I helped my mother about the house on Saturday.
3) I repaired my bike on Sunday.
4) I didn’t write a letter to my friend on Monday.
5) I didn’t go shopping on Tuesday.
6) I didn’t visit my doctor last week.
– Hello, Miss Chatter! How are you?
– lam fine, thanks.
– Did you visit Hobbit yesterday?
– Yes, I did.
– Did Hobbit write a new fairy-tale ?
– No, he didn’t write it. He was very busy. He gave me a nice book of fairy-tales for you.
– I’ll go to the country next week. I’ll take the book.
– Read Hobbit’s fairy-tales. They are very interesting.
– Thanks a lot. Bye-bye!
– Bye. See you next week.
Once upon a time an ugly green crocodile decide to eat a little monkey. The crocodile lived in the river. The monkey wanted to drink some water. The crocodile saw the monkey and shouted: “You mustn’t drink the water from the river. I live in the river and it is my water.” “I want to drink water. I am thirsty,” the monkey answered. “You are not right. I shall eat you,” the crocodile shouted. The crocodile wanted to take the monkey’s leg. But the monkey could run, jumped and climbed. She jumped on the tree and the crocodile didn’t get her.
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