Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 8 – Evening with Your Family

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g) grandfather – grandpa
grandmother – grandma
father – dad
mother – mum
daughter – little girl
son – little boy
h) grandson – внук
granddaughter – внучка
1) I do not have a brother. – I don’t have a brother.
2) My grandmother does not listen to rock music. – My grandmother doesn’t listen to rock music.
3) His sister cannot repair her bike. – His sister can’t repair her bike.
4) Our friends have not new cartridges. – Our friends haven’t new cartridges.
5) Her grandfather has not a pet. – Her grandfather hasn’t a pet.
6) I shall not take my brother’s toy. – I shan’t take my brother’s toy.
7) Wendy did not play puzzles yesterday. – Wendy didn’t play puzzles yesterday.
8) Bill’s father will not watch the stars in the momiRg. – Bill’s father won’t watch the stars in the morning.
9) Their mother was not in at two o’clock. – Their mother wasn’t in at two o’clock.
1) Mother must read fairy-tales to her children.
2) Father must go for a walk with his children.
3) Children must be polite and careful.
4) Children must get up and go to bed in time.
5) Mother mustn’t make her children drink milk.
6) Father must play football and volleyball with his children.
7) Parents must visit museums with their children.
8) Children must help their parents.
1) My mother often make me to clean my room.
2) My father plays jokes at me.
3) My sister often takes my exercise-books and draw pictures on them.
4) Mv brother speaks loudly.
5) My granny always tells me to go to bed at 9 o’clock.
1) repaired
2) plays
3) will wash
4) didn’t
5) won’t
6) didn’t; wasn’t
7) do
1) Where were you at 8 p.m. yesterday?
2) When did you come home yesterday ?
3) What did you do at 6 o’clock yesterday?
4) Why didn’t you work yesterday?
5) Whom did you see in the museum at 7 o’clock yesterday?
Find – found, do – did, take – took, come – came, watch – watched, draw – drew, eat – ate, have – had, lay – laid, cook – cooked.
– Hello! This is Alice speaking. Can I speak to Kate ?
– I’m sorry, Alice. She isn’t in. She is in the park.
– What a pity! May I phone back ?
– Of course, you may. She’ll be at home at 6 p.m.
– Thank you very much. Bye.
– Bye.
a) 1) polite
2) thanks
3) please
b) Always be polite and sweet At your home, in the street.
Remember “please”, “goodbye” and “thanks”
And you will have a lot of friends.
1) the most interesting newspaper
2) the thickest dictionary
3) the most beautiful calendar
4) the best cook-book
5) the worst menu
6) the most curious magazine
7) the least price tag
1) My father likes reading newspapers.
2) My mother likes reading cook-books.
3) My sister likes reading different magazines.
4) My brother likes reading fairy-tales.
5) My grandfather likes reading dictionaries.
6) My grandmother likes reading books about animals.
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