Биболетова 3-4 класс – Рабочая тетрадь – Unit 9 – Shopping for Everything

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1) clothes
2) shirt
3) shoes
4) shorts
5) umbrella
6) mittens
a) Clothes make the man.
b) Одежда красит человека.
1) When it is cold, you may wear a suit, jeans and a coat.
2) When it is warm and sunny, you may wear a cat, a T-shirt and shorts.
3) When it is windy and rainy, you may wear a raincoat and a hat.
4) When it is frosty, you may wear a coat, a hat and trousers.
5) When it is fine and hot, you may wear a shirt, shorts and a cap.
Every girl must have a dress, jeans, a T-shirt, trousers, a skirt, a coat, a raincoat, a scarf, shoes, boots, gloves and a hat.
Every boy must have a shirt, a cap, a hat, jeans, trousers, a coat, a jacket, shorts, a suit, T-shirts, shoes, boots and a scarf.
1) The black trousers are longer than jeans.
2) Her mittens are warmer than her gloves.
3) This raincoat is smaller than the red coat.
4) Ben’s suit is the best.
5) Alice’s T-shirt is dirtier than Bill’s shirt.
6) I think these boots are the worst.
7) My scarf is better than your scarf.
1) to test – проверять; a test – тест
2) to smile – улыбаться; a smile – улыбка
3) to show – показывать; a show – представление
4) to help – помогать; help – помощь
5) to fly – летать; a fly – муха
6) to love – любить; love – любовь
1) There is some/no juice in the glass.
2) Would you like some orange juice? – No, thank you. I don’t want any.
3) Are there any people on the farm? – Yes, there are some.
4) They have some/no money at home.
5) Would you like some tea?
6) There were some/no letters in the letter-box.
1) What do you usually wear? – I usually wear a suit and a shirt.
2) Do you wear boots? – No, I don’t wear any.
3) Do you have any umbrellas? – Yes, I have some umbrellas.
4) When did you buy this nice raincoat? – I bought this nice raincoat last autumn.
5) Do you have any trousers? – Yes, I have some.
6) What will you buy in London? – I’ll buy some T-shirts in London.
7) Does this shirt suit you? – I think it suits me.
1) A cup of coffee – чашка кофе
2) A kilo of oranges – килограмм апельсинов
3) A glass of milk – стакан молока
4) A tin of red tomatoes – банка красных помидоров
5) A bottle of juice – бутылка сока
6) A litre of water – литр воды
7) A bar of chocolate – плитка шоколада
8) A loaf of bread – буханка хлеба
9) A piece of meat – кусок мяса
1) There were some sweets and a bar of chocolate on the table.
2) Is there any coffee in the cup? – Yes, there is some.
3) What can I do for you?
4) He had a new suit and new shoes for yesterday.
5) There were mittens and boots under the chair.
6) Kanga found her bright umbrella behind the piano.
1) They ate bananas and oranges yesterday.
2) They played tennis yesterday.
3) They drew funny pictures.
4) They read fairy-tales yesterday.
5) They didn’t skate in the park yesterday.
6) They didn’t go for a walk.
7) They didn’t lay the table.
8) They didn’t go shopping yesterday.
1) two litres of milk
2) a slice of cheese
3) two kilos of fish
4) a loaf of bread
1) three bars of chocolate
2) four bags of sweets
3) ten pieces of cake
4) a kilo of bananas
The Wolf
1) a litre of milk
2) two kilos of potatoes
3) a loaf of bread
4) a piece of meat
Shop Assistant: Hello! What can I do for you?
Josie: Do you have oranges and bananas?
Shop Assistant: Of course, we have. Here you are.
Josie: They are nice. Is there any juice?
Shop Assistant: We have apple and tomato juice.
Josie: I want a bottle of tomato juice.
Shop Assistant: Anything else?
Josie: No. Thank you very much.
Shop Assistant: Thank you. Bye-bye. 
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