Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 1 – Meeting Friends – Section 4 – Writing at Home

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January [‘dзænju∂ri]
February [‘febru∂ri]
March [ma:t∫]
April [‘eipr∂l]
May [mei]
June [dзu:n]
July [dзu’lai]
August [‘o:g∂st]
September [sep’temb∂]
October [ok’t∂ub∂]
November [n∂u’vemb∂]
December [di’semb∂]
Autumn: September, October, November.
Winter: December, January, February.
Spring: March, April, May.
Summer: June, July, August.
31 days – January, March, May, July, August, October, December
30 days – April, June, September, November
28 or 29 days – February
The fifteenth of September
The twentieth of April
The twelfth of March
The twenty-third of May
The second of August
The thirty-first of July
The twenty-second of June
The nineteenth of November
The thirteenth of February
The sixteenth of October
Would you like to visit us?
When is your birthday?
I’d like to have a computer for my birthday.
The first of January is The New Year.
The seventh of January is Christmas in Russia.
The eighth of March is Women’s Day.
The second of April is my father’s birthday.
The first of May is The Workers’ Day.
The tenth of June is my mum’s birthday:
The eleventh of July is my birthday.
The first of August is my sister’s birthday.
The first of September is the first day of school.
The twenty-fifth of October is my granny’s birthday.
The thirties of November is my grandpa’s birthday.
Thank you for your letter. I would like to see you. Would you like to visit me? I have a birthday on the fourth of October. Please come and see me.
Best wishes,
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