Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 10 – School is Fun – Section 4 – Writing at Home

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Blackboard, rule, pencil, sharpener, computer, tape-recorder, notebook, felt-tip pen, dictionary, classroom, lesson, bookshelf, plant.
Blackboard, tape-recorder, felt-tip pen, classroom, bookshelf, notebook.
To answer teacher’s questions – отвечать на вопросы учителя
Translate from … into … – переводить с … на …
Read texts – читать тексты
Speak English – разговаривать по-английски
Sing songs – петь песни
Ask the questions – задавать вопросы
Learn by heart – учить наизусть
Write words – писать слова
c) You’ll need a pen, a pencil, felt-tip paints, exercise-books, textbooks, a ruler, a bag, a rubber, a pencil-sharpener.
d) You must answer the teacher’s questions, keep your desk clean, must do what the teacher says.
You mustn’t talk with your friend, take your pet to the lesson, speak loudly in the classroom, sleep in the classroom.
c) You will read texts, sing songs, translate from Russian into English, play games, learn the words and poems by heart.
1) I get up early every day because I go to school and my lessons start at 8 o’clock.
2) Today I’ll take felt-tip pens and paints to school because I need them for drawing.
3) We have a tape recorder in our classroom because we need them for listening.
4) Our teacher asked us to buy dictionaries because we need them for translating.
5) I learn English words by heart because I want to speak English well.
At the lesson little Hobbits watch TV and listen to the tape recorder.
At the lesson they read fairy-tales.
At the lesson they play jokes.
At the lesson they speak different languages.
During the break little Hobbits play with their pets.
During the break they play games and sing songs.
During the break they sleep in the classroom.
During the break they draw on the walls of their classroom.
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