Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 11 – Understanding Each Other – Section 1 – Languages We Use to Understand Each Other

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1 – Mexico
2 – Egypt
3 – Japan
4 – Russia
5 – Scotland
6 – India
7 – England
a) What is snow to a boy from Africa? If the boy from Africa sees snow, he thinks it is sugar (сахар). Then he understands that snow is very cold. Snow can melt (таять). You can see snow in Russia in winter. You can’t see snow in Africa.
b) What is a banana tree to a boy from the North? If the boy from the North sees a banana tree, he thinks that there are yellow sausages on the tree. If the boy eats the banana, he understands it is very tasty. I think the boy will like the banana.
India, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Iraq, Iran.
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