Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 11 – Understanding Each Other – Section 5 – Writing at Home

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India, Scotland, Egypt, Russia, UK, Japan, England, Italy.
Today I am as hungry as a wolf.
My sister is as busy as a bee. She works and studies.
My new friend is as good as the old friend.
Moscow is as big as London.
I speak English as well as English children.
Slim – fat, down – up, right – wrong, from – to, with – without, lazy – hard working, sad – happy, black – white, sit – stand, short – long, disagree – agree, dirty – clean, sweet – salty.
A parrot flies and speaks well.
A frog jumps well.
A pig eats well.
A dog swims well.
A cat climbs trees well.
A horse eats/runs well.
The lions ran away. The elephants did wonderful work. They were very happy living wit the king. But the king was not happy. He called the wise men. He asked them to help him. The wise men brought elephants into the palace. The elephants chased every lion out of the palace. They liked the king very much.
1) If dogs run start speaking, people will understand them better.
2) If sheep lose their skin every year, people can have a lot of wool.
3) If cats start making holes for their kittens, mice and kittens will make friends.
4) If elephants are as small as bees, they can’t help people to carry heavy things.
The king called all the mice together. He said: “Listen, boys, let’s make a deal.” I’ll learn how to get along with you. But you must learn how to get along with me.
The mice were very clever. They liked the cheese and the king. So they learned how to get along with the king. The king shared his cheese with the mice. They were happy.
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