Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 2 – Writing Letters to Friends – Section 5 – Writing at Home

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My brother’s stamp – марка брата.
My mother’s letter – письмо мамы.
Hobbit’s envelope – конверт Хоббита.
The postman’s bag – сумка почтальона.
My sister’s pencil – карандаш сестры.
My friends’ address – адреса друзей.
Snowman, postman, letter-box, postcard, post office.
Poster, paper, envelope, postman, post, stamp, street, pen, address, letter, letter-box.
1) Hobbit writes letters to his friends.
2) We like to get letters.
3) Where do you put envelopes?
4) Why do you read his letters?
5) I do not like this postcard.
Morning star, evening star, red star, beautffiil star, yellow star, to see a star, six stars, many starts, one star, to draw a star, a filmstar, a TV star.
Квадрат: I.
Круг: in Boston, from America.
Треугольник: live, write, have, like to be.
Треугольник со стрелочкой: is, am.
a) Where do you live?
b) What is your last name?
c) When do you go to school?
d) What does your pen friend like?
Dear Jane,
I am on the farm. I am here with my family. I have my dog with me. It likes to swim and to play with a ball near the river.
At the post office they have many stamps for my collection.
Now you know my address.
Please write back.
Your Liza.
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