Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 5 – My Favourite Season – Section 4 – Writing at Home

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1) Animals: rabbits, dogs, cats, foxes, crocodiles.
2) Months: December, June, August, September, March.
3) House: kitchen, bedroom, living room, hall, window.
4) Fruit: apple, banana, plums, orange, lemon.
5) Weather: rainy, sunny, slippery, foggy, frosty, snowy.
1) Do you like winter?
2) What season does your mum like?
3) Why does she like it?
4) Where do you go in summer?
5) What does your pet have for breakfast?
6) Do you sing songs at the lesson?
I shall clean the flat tomorrow.
I shall make my bed tomorrow.
I shall visit Granny tomorrow.
I shall go swimming tomorrow.
I shall not eat an ice cream tomorrow.
I shall not read a book tomorrow.
1) I shall play computer games.
2) I shall run at the stadium.
3) I shall go to the Zoo tomorrow.
4) I shall send a letter to my friend.
5) I shall read a book tomorrow.
1) When it is rainy I can play computer games at home.
2) When it is snowy I can watch TV at home.
3) When it is foggy I can read a book at home.
4) When it is cloudy I can help my mother at home.
5) When it is windy I can write a letter to my friend at home.
6) When it is hot I can swim in the river.
7) When it is slippery I can skate.
a) The forest will be green in spring.
b) The birds will fly back from warm countries in spring.
c) The river won’t be covered with thick and white ice in summer.
d) The children won’t skate and play hockey on the river in summer.
e) Rabbits won’t wear warm white coats in spring.
What a nice day! – Какой хороший день!
How are you? – Как ты поживаешь?
But who are you? – Но кто ты?
When winter comes, children wear warm coats. – Когда приходит зима, дети носят теплые пальто.
Му home is near a big house where a lot of children live. – Мой дом около большого дома, где живет много детей.
When I look out of my window I see: there are no children who play snowballs. – Когда я выглядываю из окна, я вижу: на улице дети не играют в снежки.
Why shall I wear my warm white coat? – Почему я буду носить мою теплую белую шубку?
That’s why children don’t ski and skate. – Вот почему дети не катаются на лыжах и на коньках.
Who wears white coats in winter?
Do all Rabbits wear white coats in winter?
What coats do all Rabbits wear?
When do all Rabbits wear white coats?
1) Who will write a letter next month?
2) Where will Hobbit go next year?
3) What will they do in an hour?
4) How will Buratino wash his face and hands?
5) When will we play tennis?
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