Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 6 – Being Happy in the Country and in the City – Section 3 – Help Animals in the Country and in the City

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a) In the country: fox, monkey, hens, bear, wolf, ducks, wolf, cockerel, sheep, rabbit, cow, horse, pig.
b) In the city: cat, dog, ducks, rabbit, horse.
The bird in the tree is happier than the bird in the cage.
The dog in the house is happier than the dog in the yard.
The giraffe in Africa is happier than the giraffe in the zoo.
The penguin in cold winter is happier than the penguin in hot summer.
The penguin lives on the iceberg.
The eagle lives in the mountains.
The dog lives in the town.
The cow lives in the country.
The whale lives in the ocean.
The wolf lives in the forest.
The crocodile lives in the river.
The camel lives in the desert.
It is a hare. It lives in the forest. It eats grass and leaves. It can run and jump very well. It looks nice. In winter it is white. In summer the hare is grey.
Monkey Woody Street Africa
Elephant Green Road India
Kangaroo Hill Road Australia
Camel Hot Street Desert Sahara 
Whale Rainy Street Ocean
Penguin Frosty Road Antarctica
A cow is more useful than a whale.
A dog is more useful than a penguin.
A dog is cleverer than a camel.
A wolf is cleverer than a cow.
A dog is more beautiful than a wolf.
An eagle is more beautiful than a crocodile.
An eagle is more curious than a cow.
A dog is more curious than a camel.
A penguin is funnier than a whale.
A camel is funnier than a cow.
A crocodile is bigger than an eagle.
A cow is bigger than a wolf.
a) wolf
b) 1) Who is the cleverest animal? A dolphin is.
2) Who is the biggest animal? An elephant is.
3) Who is the fastest animal? A leopard is.
4) Who is the biggest animal in the sea? A whale is.
I have a cat. It is two years old. Its name is Pussy. It is kind and clever. I think it is cleverer than a dog. My cat is white and black. Pussy is not fat. It likes to play with me. It can run and jump. It can climb very well. My cat is big. It lives in the house. Pussy likes to eat meat and fish. It drinks milk. I think my cat is the nicest and the funniest one. I like my cat very much.
I have a dog. It is four years old. Its name is Alma. It is not very big but it is bigger than a cat. It is neither thin nor fat. My dog is very kind. Now it has three puppies. It likes to play with her puppies. They are small. Alma is a good mother. My dog is brown and grey. It is very nice and funny. My dog can run and jump very well. Alma lives in the yard. It likes to drink milk. It eats meat and potato. The dog is useful. It can help people. My dog is my best friend. I like my dog.
I have a parrot. Its name is Kesha. It is neither big nor small. It is blue and green. My parrot lives in the cage. It can fly and speak. My pet likes to drink water and eat com. It is not very thin but it is not very fat. Kesha is very clever. It can be a good friend. I think my parrot is the funniest bird in the world. It is funnier than cats and dogs. It is very nice.
Let’s go to the Zoo! You can see different animals there: monkey and crocodiles, giraffes and elephants, bears and leopards, wolves and foxes. There are many nice birds in the zoo. The animals live in cages. It is interesting to watch animals. Monkeys are clever and funny. They like to run, jump and climb. You can give a banana to the monkey. Elephants are bog and strong. They are bigger than other animals. Leopards are the beautiful animals. They can run very well. Leopard is the fastest animal on the land. You can watch many parrots in the zoo. They are red, yellow, green and blue. I like the zoo. I think you will like it too.
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