Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 6 – Being Happy in the Country and in the City – Section 5 – Writing at Home

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Church, field, cow, path, horse, farm, sheep, wood.
There are a lot of farmers in the country. There are thick forests and small woods in the country in Russia. In the woods and forests there are many animals and birds. In the country you can see big old churches and small country churches. Some people like to go to the church on Sundays.
In Russia the houses in the country are nice and small.
Big – bigger – the biggest
Happy – happier – the happiest
Tall – taller – the tallest
Bad – worse – the worst
Nice – nicer – the nicest
Good – better – the best
Slim – slimmer – the slimmest
Little – less – the least
Large – larger – the largest
Thin – thinner – the thinnest
Many/much – more – the most
1) Is there a small field near m window?
2) When will people work in the garden?
3) Where will they live?
4) What flowers does Hobbit like?
5) Why will he come to this hill on Sundays?
Sunny – sunnier – the sunniest
Noisy – noisier – the noisiest
Nice – nicer – the nicest
Wide – wider – the widest
Green – greener – the greenest
Deep – deeper – the deepest
Old – older – the oldest
Hot – hotter – the hottest
Fat – fatter – the fattest
Windy – windier – the windiest
Merry – merrier – the merriest
1) a) Jimmy is the oldest.
b) Timmy is the tallest.
c) Billy is the shortest.
2) a) Billy is younger than Timmy.
b) Timmy is taller than Jimmy.
c) Jimmy is older than Timmy.
d) Timmy is darker than Billy.
I am the smallest in my family. My sister Jane is older than me. She is taller than my mum. Jane is the best student in her form. But I think I’m cleverXoo. Sometimes I have better marks than Jane has.
Here – there, country – town, white – black, hot – cold, far – near, big – small, short – tall, sunny – rainy.
1) Winnie-the-Pooh is the funniest animal in the wood.
2) Father Carlo is taller then Buratino.
3) Winnie-the-Pooh is cleverer than Buratino.
4) Buratino’s nose is the longest.
5) Malvina is more beautiful than Fox Alice.
6) Pierro is better than Basilio.
7) Artemon has more friends than Jack.
8) Father Carlo has less money than Karabas-Barabas.
9) Basilio is worse than Artemon.
It is a hare. It lives in the forest. It eats grass and leaves. It can run and jump very well. It looks nice. In winter it is white. In summer the hare is grey.
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