Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 7 – Telling Stories – Section 1 – Speaking about the Past

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1) Картинка слева внизу.
2) Картинка слева вверху.
3) Картинка справа внизу.
4) Картинка справа вверху.
Слова, обозначаемые символом “белый треугольник” изменились, так как история рассказывает о том, что было в прошлом. Данные глаголы используются в прошедшем времени.
[d] – opened, cried, smiled, skied, climbed, watered, answered, listened
[t] – finished, washed, pushed, watched, helped, jumped, danced, asked, worked, liked
[id] – collected, wanted, painted, invited, studied
I played tennis in Britain.
I washed stars in the sky.
I danced in Britain.
I played hockey with my friends in America.
I jumped from high houses in Britain.
I saw a wonderful dream. I went to a green-green garden. In the green-green garden I saw a dark-dark house. In the dark-dark house there lived a big-big lion. The big-big lion had yellow-yellow eyes. His yellow-yellow eyes looked like bright-bright suns.
I opened my eyes and saw a bright-bright sun in my window. “Good morning, dear,” said my mum.
Last night I saw a wonderful dream. I was near the river. I wanted to swim in the river.
Last summer Mike and David went to the forest. The day was hot and sunny. The friends walked in the forest and talked. Then they sat under the big tree.
Suddenly they saw a small bird. The bird had fallen from the tree. David took the bird in his hands and the boys went home. At home they put the bird into the box. The boys gave the bird bread, apples, com and water.
The bird lived in David’s house for two weeks. Then the boys took the bird back to the forest.
The bird was very happy. The boys were happy too.
Yesterday Hobbit went to the forest.
Yesterday Hobbit walked in the park.
Yesterday Hobbit played tennis with his friends.
Yesterday Hobbit painted his house.
Yesterday Hobbit learned the new poems.
Yesterday Hobbit saw a lion in the zoo.
Yesterday Hobbit gave the bird bread and com.
Yesterday Hobbit danced with Buratino.
Yesterday Hobbit finished his new fairy-tale.
Yesterday Hobbit washed his house.
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