Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 8 – Evening with Your Family – Section 5 – Writing at Home

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A, m, f, у, l, i – family
T, e, h, r, r, b, о – brother
F, e, r, g, a, h, t, r, n, a, d – grandfather
S, s, e, r, t, i – sister
N, s, о – son
My mother went shopping yesterday.
My father repaired his car yesterday.
My sister visited her friend yesterday.
My granny watched TV yesterday.
My grandfather went to the park yesterday.
I wrote a letter to my uncle yesterday.
1) My sister plays computer games on Saturdays.
2) Sam didn’t play puzzle yesterday.
3) I’ll ride my bike tomorrow.
4) My grandma went shopping the day before yesterday.
5) They were in England last summer.
6) I don’t make my bed in the morning.
Last week I was on the farm. It was so nice! There were a lot of animals there. There were eleven sheep, four cows and a wonderful horse. In the morning it was sunny, but a little cold. I went for a walk. The forest was beautiful. I was very happy with my new friends and farm animals.
I helped my mother to lay the table.
I helped my father to repair a bike.
I went to the shop with my sister.
I helped my granny to wash up.
I always make my bed in the morning.
I buy bread for my family every day.
I clean my room every week.
Yesterday Gummy Bears had breakfast.
Yesterday Gummy Bears went for a walk.
Yesterday Gummy Bears drew pictures.
Yesterday Gummy Bears washed their hands.
Yesterday Gummy Bears ate soup.
Yesterday Gummy Bears slept well.
Yesterday Gummy Bears played with a ball.
1) My father learns news from TV and newspapers.
2) In the evening my mother likes to read magazines “Health”.
3) Yesterday my brother translated the text into English with a dictionary.
4) Hobbit writes fairy-tales.
5) I can’t cook myself. My cook-book helps me.
6) “Look at the price tag,” said Jim. “The price is too high.”
I like the fairy-tale “Cinderella”. It is about a poor girl. She became a princess. Cinderella was very kind and beautiful. Her stepmother didn’t like her. The girl worked from morning till night.
One day she went to the ball and met a beautiful prince there. Cinderella loved him and he loved her very much. I like this fairytale because it is rather interesting. I like to read fairy-tales about people and animals.
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