Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 9 – Shopping for Everything – Section 2 – Getting Ready for a Trip

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[dз] – j
[t]  – t, ght
[∫] – sh
[t∫] – ch
[Θ] – th
[ð] – th
[ei] – grey
[е∂] – bear
[i∂] – near
[ai] – tights
[au] – trousers
[u:] – you
There is a green coat in her bag.
There is a long jacket in her bag.
There is a warm jacket in her bag.
There is a new jacket in her bag.
There are suits in her bag.
There are coats in her bag.
There are jackets in her bag.
Crocodile has a black suit, a brown hat and a brown coat on.
Neznaika has a blue hat, an orange shirt, a greer tie, yellow shorts and black boots on.
The Wolf has a red shirt and blue jeans on.
The Hare has a red shirt, blue trousers and a long scarf on.
Hobbit has a yellow shirt and green trousers on.
Puss in Boots has a big hat and red shoes on.
Malvina has a blue dress and blue shoes on.
Hobbit is a pirate (пират). He has a grey hat on. He has a red jacket on. Hobbit has black trousers on. Hobbit has a long scarf on. He has brown socks on. Hobbit has yellow shoes on.
You will need two T-shirt.
You will need one jacket.
You will need shorts.
You will need one shirt.
You will need a hat.
You will need an umbrella.
You will need shoes.
You will need jeans.
You will not need a scarf.
You will not need a coat.
You will not need a dress.
You will not need boots.
You will not need mittens.
Дама, которую необходимо встретить на вокзале, изображена на второй картинке – Maggie.
Не has dark hair and black eyes. His eyes are neither big nor small. He is not short. He wears a black jacket and a white shirt. His trousers are grey. He wears a green jacket and black shoes.
You will need a warm hat.
You will need mittens.
You will need boots.
You will need a long scarf.
You will need a jacket.
It is hot and sunny. It is not rainy and windy. You need this beautiful hat. It is yellow and red. It is not very big. It will suit you. Wear the hat in the park and in the zoo.
It is rainy and cold. It is not sunny and warm. Wear this nice jacket! It will help you to be nice. The jacket is blue and yellow. All children will like it. You will wear this jacket in autumn and in spring.
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