Биболетова 3-4 класс – Учебник – Unit 9 – Shopping for Everything – Section 4 – Writing at Home

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Boots, a shirt, an umbrella, tights, a hat, a jacket, a raincoat, trousers, a scarf, mittens.
Three bottles of cola, a kilo of apples, two bags of sweets, ten pieces of cake, a kilo of cucumbers, a kilo of tomatoes, a kilo of bananas, three bars of chocolate, two bottles of juice.
1) Would you like some milk? – Yes, I like some.
2) Hobbit went shopping and bought some bread.
3) Any letters from Karlson? – Yes, there are some.
4) Were there any raincoats in the shop? – No, there were not any.
5) Can I have some juice, mum? – Sorry, but there is no juice in the bottle.
Vegetables: potato, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, tomato
Clothes: jeans, shoes, jacket, suit, T-shirt, skirt
Animals: monkey, camel, crocodile, whale, penguin
Fruit: apple, lemon, orange
People: ski-jumper, worker, doctor, student, teacher
Sport: boxing, skiing, football, badminton, tennis, chess
1) Where is Hobbit’s shirt? – Hobbit’s shirt is on the sofa.
2) Where is the lamp? – The lamp is above the table.
3) Where is the table? – The table is in the middle of the room.
4) Where are the magazines? – The magazines are under the table.
5) Where are the apples? – The apples are on the table.
6) Where is the armchair? – The armchair is between the sofa and the table.
7) Where is Hobbit? – Hobbit is in the armchair.
1) When did Tin Woodman go shopping?
2) What will Hobbit wear tomorrow?
3) Who buys two bars of chocolate and three bottles of orange juice every Friday?
4) Why are Alice and her friends happy?
5) Where was Piglet yesterday?
The most beautiful dress – самое красивое платье
The biggest umbrella – самый большой зонт
The longest trousers – самые длинные брюки
The dirtiest T-shirt – самая грязная футболка
The worst suit – самый плохой костюм
The shorts are shorter than jeans. – Шорты короче, чем джинсы.
The shoes are less than high boots. – Туфли меньше, чем сапоги.
Crocodile has a black suit, a brown hat and a brown coat on.
Neznaika has a blue hat, an orange shirt, a green tie, yellow shorts and black boots on.
The Wolf has a red shirt and blue jeans on.
The Hare has a red shirt, blue trousers and a long scarf on.
Hobbit has a yellow shirt and green trousers on.
Puss in Boots has a big hat and red shoes on.
Malvina has a blue dress and blue shoes on.
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