Биболетова 4 класс – Unit 1 – Speaking about seasons and weather – Section 4 – Writing at home

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Ответь на вопросы письменно.
I like to ski and skate in winter. I like to swim and to travel in summer.
Прочитай текст “Две утки и лягушка” еще раз. Закончи предложения.
1) The Frog likes to chat very much.
2) The ducks like summer because it’s hot and sunny.
3) The ducks say to the Frog, “But you must not speak! Don’t open your mouth!”
Ответь на вопрос: “Какое время года ты любишь и почему?”
I like summer because it is very warm and sunny. I can go to the river, to the park and visit a lot of museums. I can swim and play badminton.
Выбери нужный глагол. Запиши предложения в тетрадь.
1) ‘ll draw; 
2) have;
3) ‘ll help;
4) ‘ll be;
Напиши, что ты будешь делать завтра, на следующей неделе.
I’ll clean my room tomorrow.
I’ll write a letter tomorrow.
I’ll go to the library tomorrow.
I’ll wash the dishes tomorrow.
I’ll play computer games next week.
I’ll ski with my friends next week.
I’ll go to the Zoo next week.
Выбери: will или won’t.
1) The forest will be green in spring.
2) The children won’t skate and play hockey in summer.
3) Jill won’t have a picnic in winter.
4) Tomorrow will be windy. Jim will fly a kite.
5) Tiny will be busy. He won’t play tennis tomorrow. He will help Billy tomorrow.
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