Биболетова 4 класс – Unit 3 – Being happy in the country and in the city – Section 4 – Writing at home

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Вставь пропущенные буквы.
Garden, field, cow, path, horse, sheep, hill, road, bridge, apple tree.
Смотри упражнение 7.
Заполни пропуски.
Big – bigger – (the) biggest; happy – happier – (the) happiest; tall – taller – (the) tallest; cold – colder – (the) coldest; nice – nicer – (the) nicest; kind – kinder – (the) kindest; slim – slimmer – (the) slimmest; sunny – sunnier – (the) sunniest; large – larger – (the) largest; hot – hotter – (the) hottest.
Выбери нужное прилагательное.
1) the best;
2) better;
3) more;
4) the worst;
5) many.
Посмотри на картинку и напиши правильный ответ.
1) Jimmy is the oldest. Timmy is the tallest. Tiny is the youngest.
2) Tiny is smaller than Timmy and Jimmy. Timmy is taller than Jimmy and Tiny. Jimmy is older than Timmy and Tiny. Timmy is darker than Jimmy and Tiny.
Напиши о своем любимом животном.
Му favourite animal is a cat. It lives in our flat. It is black. It is not very big but it is not very small. It is very funny and kind. It has got large green eyes and long black tail. It can play and jump very well. It likes to eat fish, meat and milk. It’s nice to play with my cat.
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