Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 5 – Учебник

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Составь столько предложений, сколько сможешь.
Have you ever been to London? — No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to Buckingham Palace? — No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to the Kremlin? — Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to a zoo? — Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to an art gallery? — Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to a museum? — Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to Red Square? — Yes, I have.
Have they ever been to London? — Yes, they have.
Have they ever been to Buckingham Palace? — Yes, they have.
Have they ever been to the Kremlin? — No, they haven’t.
Have they ever been to a zoo? — Yes, they have.
Have they ever been to an art gallery? — Yes, they have.
Have they ever been to a museum? — No, they haven’t.
Have they ever been to Red Square? — Yes, they have.
Has she / he ever been to London? — Yes, she / he has.
Has she / he ever been to Buckingham Palace? — No, she / he hasn’t.
Has she / he ever been to the Kremlin? — Yes, she / he has.
Has she / he ever been to a zoo? — No, she / he hasn’t.
Has she / he ever been to an art gallery? — Yes, she / he has.
Has she / he ever been to a museum? — Yes, she / he has.
Has she / he ever been to Red Square? — No, she / he hasn’t.
Скажи, где ты никогда не был(а), но хотел(а) бы побывать.
I’ve never been to London. I’d like to visit it because I want to see the Tower of London.
I’ve never been to St. Petersburg. I’d like to visit it because I want to see the beautiful painting in the Hermitage.
I’ve never been to Paris. I’d like to visit it because I want to see the ancient palaces.
Расставь предложения в правильном порядке.
4) What are you going to do on Sunday morning?
3) I don’t know yet.
2) Have you ever been to the planetarium?
5) No, I’ve never been there.
6) Let’s go then. It’s worth seeing.
1) Why not! See you tomorrow morning then.
Определи, какие из этих предложений правдивы (Т), а какие неверны (F).
1) You can meet great characters of history and art at Madame Tussaud’s museum. (T)
2) There are no actors and filmstars among Madame Tussaud’s life-size figures of famous people. (F)
3) There is a special place for the Queen’s family at Madame Tussaud’s museum. (T)
4) MOMI is a Natural History Museum. (F)
5) In MOMI you can learn about the history and magic of theatre. (F)
6) During your visit to MOMI you’ll meet characters from the past. (T)
7) There are few parks in London. (F)
8) London Zoo, a lake and a theatre are all in Regent’s Park. (T)
9) The statue of the famous Peter Pan is in one of London’s Parks. (F)
Составь предложения.
It is worth visiting.
The film is worth seeing.
The books are worth reading.
The cartoons are worth seeing.
The museum is worth visiting.
The text is worth translating.
The music is worth listening.
The cakes are worth eating.
Придумай 5 существительных, 5 глаголов, 5 прилагательных для описания Лондона.
5 nouns: capital; history; entertainments; queen; gardens.
5 verbs: enjoy; visit; travel; see; meet.
5 adjectives: beautiful; rich; famous; interesting; great.
Как ты считаешь, эти предложения правдивы (Т) или неверны (F)?
a) London is a big and dull city. (F)
b) It’s quite expensive to visit London museums. (F)
c) There are few theatres in London. (F)
d) London is worth visiting. (T)
Закончи предложения.
1) Many years ago most schoolchildren walked to school.
2) The patrols had bright coats and red-and- white sticks with circular signs at the top which read “Stop, Children”.
3) The sign looked like a lollipop (a sweet on a stick).
4) Most patrols were women.
5) They were called “Lollipop Ladies”.
6) Since the 1980s there have been far fewer “Lollipop Ladies” in the streets.
7) In 1993 there were 1,000 Lollipop Ladies in bright coats in the streets of London.
8) They stood at zebra crossings with their “Lollipop signs”.
9) Many other towns in Britain also still have “Lollipop Ladies” in their streets.
Ответь на вопросы.
1) When was J. Turner born? — He was born in 1775.
2) What was his father’s job? — His father’s job was a barber.
3) J. Turner was very fond of nature, wasn’t he? — Yes, he was.
4) What did he like to draw during his trips? — He liked to draw ruined abbeys and castles.
5) What was J. Turner famous for? — He was famous for the wonderful colours in his pictures.
6) What kind of pictures did he paint? — He painted landscapes and sea pictures.
7) J. Turner wasn’t a master of water-colours, was he? — Yes, he was. He was a master of water-colours.
Придумай 5 существительных и 5 прилагательных, чтобы описать картины Дж. Тернера.
5 nouns: a masterpiece; nature; water-colours; landscape; artist.
5 adjectives: wonderful; real; famous; beautiful; popular.
Закончи предложения.
1) Isaac Newton discovered some important laws of physics. He was a well-known scientist.
2) Sawa Morozov helped poor people. He was a businessman.
3) My friend can swim very well. He is a good swimmer.
4) Anna Pavlova is a world-famous ballet-dancer.
5) His elder sister works at school, she is a teacher.
6) Charlotte Bronte wrote novels about love and hate. Her two sisters were also writers.
7) “I don’t want to play the violin. I don’t want to be a musician,” — the boy cried.
Выбери нужные слова, чтобы заполнить пропуски в текстах.
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
1) John R.R. Tolkien is a famous English writer.
2) He was born at the end of the 19th century, in 1892
3) At school Tolkien was fond of languages, but not just modern languages — he also liked ancient languages. He spoke six ancient languages and even made up his own languages.
4) At Oxford University he studied English language and literature.
5) John R.R. Tolkien became an outstanding linguist.
6) He became famous, however, when his books were published. He wrote several books “The Hobbit”, “The Lord of Rings” etc. In his books John R.R. Tolkien describes a fairy-tale world, where Hobbits, magicians, elves and warriors live.
7) John R.R. Tolkien died in 1973.

Charles Darwin
1) Charles Darwin is a well-known scientist.
2) The scientist Charles Darwin was born at the beginning of the 19th century, in 1809.
3) As a boy, Charles collected all kinds of things, minerals, birds’ eggs, insects. He carried out them in the school garden. His nickname was “Gas”.
4) After 3 years of study at Cambridge University he made a voyage round the world. During the 5 year voyage he studied many different kinds of plants and animals in all parts of the world.
5) Little by little Darwin built up his famous theory.
6) His theory of evolution opened a new period in the development of the science of biology, the Darwinian period.
7) Charles Darwin died in 1882 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Расскажи своим одноклассникам о знаменитых мужчине или женщине, которыми ты восхищаешься. Не говори им его /ее имя. Пусть они догадаются, кто это.
Не was a most important Russian writer of all time. This writer was born in Moscow in 1779 into an upper-class family. He entered a lyceum at Tsarskoe Selo. He wrote a lot of poems and his famous works are “Eugene Onegin”, “Ruslan and Ludmila” and “Boris Godunov”.
Вставь a / an или the.
1) My parents have a cat and a parrot. The cat never attacks the parrot, but the parrot often hurts the cat.
2) Would you like a cup of tea?
3) Have you been to the museum I told you about?
4) Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.
5) For breakfast I had some orange juice and a sandwich. The sandwich was very nice.
6) When we were in London we stayed at a hotel. We had our breakfast at the hotel, and lunch at a cafe.
7) Could you turn on the light? It’s dark in the room.
Заполни пропуски с помощью the или нулевого артикля, если необходимо.
1) Let’s invite the Browns to my birthday party!
2) James Grey is the brightest pupil in our class.
3) Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?
4) Emily lives in Baker Street in London.
Выбери правильный ответ. В ряде случаев тебе понадобится the, иногда — ничего.
1) Where is Chile? — South America.
2) What is the longest river in Russia? — The Ob.
3) Of which country is London the capital? — Gr. Britain.
4) Which is the largest continent? — Africa.
5) Which is the largest country in the world? — The Russian Federation.
6) What is the capital of Scotland? — Edinburgh.
7) On which river does London stand? — The Thames.
8) What is the name of the sea between Britain and Norway? — The North Sea.
9) What is the capital of the USA? — Washington.
Выбери правильный вариант c the или без the.
1) Му English pen friend lives in Worship Street.
2) The British Museum is the biggest London museum.
3) Have you ever been to Westminster Abbey?
4) St Paul’s Cathedral is open 09.00—16.00, except Sunday.
5) MOMI is one of the most unusual London museums.
6) We’ll visit the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London, won’t we?
Ты умеешь предвидеть будущее? Попытайся предугадать твое собственное будущее.
I would like to predict my future. I think I will be a scientist. The scientist should be creative and clever.
I will have a family. I will have a husband and one child. My husband will be a banker. I will take care of my parents. I will live in a big city. I would like to have a large flat. I like sport. I will be strong, healthy and beautiful.
I like animals and I will have a cat. My hobbies will be playing the guitar, travelling and reading books. I would like to visit Australia and France. I hope I will be happy.
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