Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 8 – Домашняя работа

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Найди “лишнее” слово.
1) Horseracing;
2) jogging;
3) taking pictures / photos;
4) skiing.
Вставь пропущенные слова.
There are five of us in my family. We all have different hobbies. My dad is fond of fishing. My mother prefers to stay at home and watch TV. She can watch silly soap operas the whole day. My elder sister tries to keep fit. She likes dancing and swimming. My little brother has a sweet tooth. He enjoys eating cakes and sweets. My grandpa makes models of ships. He also has a big collection of stamps and coins. My best friend and me like dancing at discos. So you see, tastes differ.
Поставь глаголы в скобках в правильную форму — Present Simple или Present Continuous.
You can see the Browns in their living room. They usually spend their Saturday evenings at home. Look, Mr.Brown is sitting in his armchair and watching TV. He likes sports programmes and the news. Mrs Brown is reading a magazine. She buys magazines and newspapers every morning. Betsy, their daughter, takes care of the family’s pets. Now she is feeding her fish. Her elder brother Bob is drawing a ship. He draws very well. He is going to be an artist.
Составь предложения.
1) Now I understand the story. My friend has explained the story to me.
2) It is not cold here now. I have closed the window.
3) I am not hungry. I have had dinner.
4) I cannot tell you where my Headteacher lives. I have forgotten the address of my Headteacher.
5) I cannot show you a picture of my cousin. I have lost the picture of my cousin at home.
6) Now I can show you the picture of my cousin. I have found the picture of my cousin.
7) We can begin our lunch now. I have bought some bread and butter.
Перепиши эти предложения и поставь глаголы в правильное время: Past Simple или Present Perfect.
1) I have just done my homework. I can go out with my friends.
2) Alice collected German and French coins last summer.
3) Susan has already been to the library. She is reading a very interesting book.
4) He saw this film yesterday.
5) Have you bought any Christmas presents? — Not yet.
6) Carol invited her classmates to her home last Sunday. They had a good time together.
Ответь на вопросы письменно.
1) Who prepares the breakfast for your little nephew? — His mother prepares the breakfast for my little nephew.
2) Do you read fairy tales for you younger sister? — No, she reads fairy tales herself.
3) Shall I send these postcards today? — No, I shall send them myself.
4) Did your head teacher clean this classroom yesterday? — No, we cleaned it ourselves.
5) Shall I make these phone calls tomorrow morning? — Yes, I think you should make these phone calls yourself.
Переведи с русского на английский.
My elder brother is fond of sports. He often rides a bicycle at the weekend.
She likes to watch soap operas in the evening.
What books do you like to read? I prefer fantasy and detective books.
Jane can’t translate this exercise herself. Please help her.
Дополни предложения.
1) Allan went abroad last summer, didn’t he?
2) Her granny is fond of gardening, isn’t she?
3) My relatives will join them soon, won’t they?
4) We haven’t arranged the party yet, have we?
5) Bob doesn’t buy presents himself, does he?
6) Look, they are taking pictures, aren’t they?
7) Sometimes you watch soap operas in the evening, don’t you?
Поставь глаголы в правильную форму.
1) What did you collect last year?
2) Sorry, I have not read the detective story yet.
3) Look! She is watching this comedy for the third time.
4) It is my cousin’s birthday next week. I hope he will invite me to his home.
5) Soon we are going to take part in a famous TV show.
6) She usually feeds her pets twice a day.
Напиши план истории “Щенок, который ищет мальчика”.
1) Petey and his mother.
2) The puppy wanted to have a boy for Christmas.
3) Petey saw many dogs with boys but nobody wanted to give the boy away.
4) The boy from Home for Boys liked the puppy.
5) Other boys were glad to see Petey.
6) Petey was happy to have so many friends.
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