Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 8 – Рабочая тетрадь

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Вставь пропущенные буквы.
Advert, author, comedy, hobby, library, show, soap, detective, popular, science fiction, musical.
Найди слова с противоположным значением. Запиши их парами.
a) to stop — to begin;
to break — to repair;
to like — to dislike;
to close — to open;
to agree — to disagree;
to love — to hate;
to find — to lose;
b) interesting — boring;
beautiful — ugly;
free — busy;
fantastic — real;
same — different;
correct — wrong;
false — true;
serious — funny;
polite — impolite;
ancient — modern.
Соедини слова с описаниями.
Gardening — to work in the garden;
travelling — to go from place to place or to different places;
taking pictures — to make a photo;
collecting things — to bring things together;
keeping fit — to be healthy and slim.
Заполни пропуски.
To go on — продолжать;
to go for a walk — ходить на прогулку;
to go by bike — кататься на велосипеде;
to go by car — ездить на машине;
to go to bed — ложиться спать.
To keep silence — хранить молчание (тишину);
to keep old books — хранить старые книги;
to keep fit — быть в хорошей форме;
to keep a secret — хранить секрет.
Составь предложения. Запиши их.
My mother is fond of gardening.
I am fond of travelling.
His cousin is fond of reading.
Their parents are fond of taking pictures.
We are fond of making models of planes and ships.
Her nephews are fond of collecting coins.
My niece is fond of computer games.
Составь предложения. Запиши их.
1) Sport is very popular in my family.
2) How do you keep fit?
3) Which is your favorite type of music?
4) Do your parents like jogging?
5) We play rugby or football every day.
Прочитай две истории. Вставь предлоги, если необходимо. Какой характер ближе тебе?
Let me tell you about my hobbies! My favorite type of music is rock. OK, I don’t play any musical instrument, but I like to listen to music. And I sing well. All my friends are fond of rock music, too. Our dream is to form a rock band and to invite you all to our concert.
My hobby is looking after my pets. I have lots of them: a dog, a cat, a tortoise, a white mouse, a parrot. One of my relatives wanted to get rid of his goldfish. Now they live in my flat. But one of my favorite pets is a little hamster. It was sick when I took him from my friend. Now it’s fine. And it gets along with all the other pets.
The first character is closer to me because I am fond of rock music, too.
Запиши короткую историю о своих увлечениях.
Hobby is what a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbies differ like tastes. As for me, I like to listen to music. 3 months ago my parents bought me a compact disc player and I decided to collect compact discs. I like different music, but especially I like rock-music. I collect discs of my favorite groups and singers. I carefully study the information printed on discbooklets. I try to find everything about my favorite singers. Also I like to watch music programmes on TV. I want to keep up with the news in the world of music.
Also I like to spend my spare time with my friends. We talk about all sorts of things. We discuss films, books, TV programmes.
Переведи с русского на английский.
1) “Are you fond of computer games?” — “Yes, I am.”
2) My uncle is fond of collecting coins and stamps.
3) Have you ever collected postcards?
4) You can keep a secret, can’t you?
5) To keep fit I never go by car if I can walk.
6) “Why do you keep these old labels?” — “I collect them.”
Измени выражения.
1) Most people don’t watch TV in the morning. They watch TV in the evening.
2) “Virgin” is the radio station, which doesn’t play classical music 24 hours a day. It plays rock music 24 hours a day.
3) Young girls and boys aren’t fond of making models of planes and ships. They are fond of doing sports.
4) Balzak didn’t keep fit. He ate much.
5) We won’t go for a walk next Sunday. We will go by bike next Sunday.
Прочитай слова в транскрипциях. Запиши их.
Author; comedy; soap; political; advert; show; hobby; library; adventure.
Выбери правильные предлоги.
1) Will you set the table by yourself, or shall I help you?
2) I’ve just been at the disco. I enjoyed it very much.
3) Did you read this story in English or in Russian.
4) Today I’m going to a skiing competition.
5) Why didn’t you take part in the school English party yesterday?
6) My parents don’t let me watch films for grown-ups.
7) Did you listen to the radio in the morning?
Посмотри на картинку, прочитай информацию о Мэле Гибсоне. Запиши 7 вопросов, которые ты хотел(а) бы задать.
Вы узнали знаменитого американского актера Мала Гибсона? Он выступал в главной роли в популярном фильме “Храброе сердце”. Он играл во многих американских фильмах. В настоящее время он приглашен в Голливуд, где будет снят новый фильм.
1) Where were you born?
2) Where do you live now?
3) Have you got a family?
4) What was your favourite film?
5) How old are you?
6) What is your hobby?
7) Do you like to listen to music?
Выпиши слова, которые сочетаются с: music, hobby, game.
Beautiful music; folk music; classical music.
Usual hobby; popular hobby; useful hobby.
Play game; computer game; favourite game.
Объедини слова из двух колонок в пары.
Mr. — mister;
advert — advertisment;
soap — soap opera;
bike — bicycle;
Dr. — doctor;
TV — television;
exam — examination;
board — blackboard;
phone — telephone;
Mrs. — missis.
Прочитай слова со звуком [dʒ]. Выдели буквы и сочетания букв, дающие этот звук.
Bridge, joy, legend, jeans, knowledge, enjoy, manage, magic, language, strange, advantage, suggest, cartridge, subject, endangered, adjective, exchange, dangerous, project, garbage.
Просмотри телепрограмму. Запиши твою собственную телепрограмму на завтра.
6.30 — Animal’s news
7.0 — Baby elephants
9.40 — Animals in danger
10.30 — Talk show “Pets in our life”
11.30 — Film “Bethoven”
— Soap opera “Rex”
Поздравь Тони Томпсона в его день рождения. Правильно запиши его и свой адреса.
Tony Thompson UK
22 Trumpington Street
Anna Serova
18 Odesskaya Street
Составь диалог.
— Betty, dear. I hope you will like your Christmas present.
— Can I have a look at it right now?
— Of course, you can.
— Oh, it’s a skateboard! I’ve always dreamed of having a skateboard like this.
— Do you like it?
— Thank you!
— I’m happy you like it.
Подпиши праздники.
Easter; Birthday; St. Valentine’s Day; Christmas; New Year’s Day.
New Year’s Day — decorate a special tree; cook special dishes; send postcards; buy presents for relatives and friends; enjoy the party.
St. Valentine’s Day — takes place in February; send special cards; don’t sign; enjoy the holiday.
Easter — give each other nice eggs; go to church; cook special dishes; invite guests.
Victory Day — congratulate grandfathers and grandmothers; have a military parade in the morning.
Women’s Day — takes place in March; congratulate girls and women; give them small presents; make telephone calls.
Birthday — get presents; cook tasty food; invite friends and relatives; entertain guests; have a nice day.
Выбери любой праздник. Напиши о нем.
People celebrate Women’s Day on the 8th of March. I and my father buy the presents for our mother, our grandmother and my sister. On the 7th of March we clean our flat and make a cake. Our father always buys some flowers for our mother. On Women’s day we get up early in the morning because we want to prepare breakfast for mum and sister. We set the table and then congratulate women with this holiday. We have breakfast all together. After breakfast we go for a walk in the park. In the evening we go to the cinema. Women’s day is my mother’s favorite holiday.
Запиши даты праздников, которые отмечают в России.
New Year is celebrated on the first of January.
Christmas is celebrated on the seventh of January.
Defenders of the Motherland Day is celebrated on the on the twenty-third of February.
Women’s Day is celebrated on the eighth of March.
May Day is celebrated on the first of May.
Victory Day is celebrated on the ninth of May.
Independence Day is celebrated on the twelfth of June.
Day of Knowledge is celebrated on the first of September.
Вставь: myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.
1) The old woman cooked these tasty cakes by herself.
2) Have you decorated the Christmas tree by yourselves? It’s wonderful.
3) They enjoyed themselves at the disco.
4) I think her nephew will buy presents by himself.
5) Can I take another piece of cake? — Of course, help yourself.
6) I’ve done it by myself.
7) Look! The cat is washing itself.
Ответь на вопросы. Используй: herself, ourselves, myself, himself, themselves.
1) Who wrote the composition for you? — I did it myself.
2) Who told you about the picnic? — Alice told me herself.
3) Who is the old man talking to? — He is talking to himself.
4) Did Tom help his brothers to build the house? — No, they did it themselves.
5) Shall I buy the postcards? — No, we shall buy it ourselves.
Заполни пропуски.
To enjoy: to enjoy disco, to enjoy games, to enjoy sports.
What to do: to visit places of interest, to visit friends, to visit relatives, to watch TV, to go to the zoo.
Have no time to: read newspapers, read books, play computer games, go to the library.
Where to go: to go to the country, to go abroad, to go to the seaside.
Запиши, какие идеальные летние / зимние каникулы ты бы хотел провести.
Му ideal holidays will begin in May and finishes in October. I shall go to the seaside. I shall swim and dive in the Black Sea. I shall go to the park with my friends in the afternoon. I shall go to the disco in the evening.
Вставь глаголы в правильной форме (Present Continuous или Present Simple).
1) A translator translates from one language into another.
2) Look! They are crossing the street.
3) Her daughter speaks French and German.
4) What is he doing now?
5) Vegetarians do not eat meat.
6) Don’t put the book away. I need it.
7) I’m hungry. I want something to eat.
Что бы ты сказал в следующих ситуациях?
1) After midnight on December, 31. — Happy New Year!
2) You meet your friend in the street. — Hello! How are you?
3) At the birthday party. — Happy Birthday to you!
4) Someone pushed you and said, “I’m sorry.” — It doesn’t matter.
5) Someone asks, “How are you?” — I’m fine, thanks. And you?
а) Прочитай, как Кэрол отмечает Рождество.
Мой любимый праздник — Рождество. Мы наряжаем рождественскую елку и наш дом. Моя младшая сестра пишет письмо Санта Клаусу и просит у него подарки. Я не пишу письма Санта Клаусу. Я уже взрослая. Я знаю, что мои родители покупают подарки на Рождество мне, ей, нашим родственникам и друзьям. Я не покупаю подарки моим бабушке и дедушке. Я для них делаю забавных кукол. Моя мама готовит особый рождественский обед. Мы приглашаем бабушку и дедушку к себе. 25 декабря мы с сестрой встаем рано утром. На наших кроватях — два чулочка, заполненных маленькими подарками. В Рождественские каникулы мы развлекаемся: играем, смотрим телевизор и видео, навещаем друзей и едим много вкусностей.
b) В прошлом году у нее было обычное Рождество. Запиши, что она делала 25 декабря.
1) She decorated the Christmas tree.
2) Her little sister wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking him for presents.
3) She didn’t buy presents for her grandparents. She made funny toys for them.
4) They invited their grandparents to their place.
5) On the 25th of December Carol’s sister and she got up early in the morning. There were two stockings full of small presents on their beds.
6) During the Christmas holidays the girls enjoyed themselves: played, watched TV and video, visited their friends and ate a lot of tasty things.
Запиши, что только что произошло.
1) Her husband has already cleaned the table.
2) My cousin has not given up smoking yet.
3) Alison has just got rid of some old clothes.
4) We have already joined the Society.
5) The children have not crossed the street yet.
6) The famous painter has given an interview recently.
Составь предложения, используя Present Simple или Present Perfect.
1) We read this newspaper yesterday.
2) The children have taken the pictures today.
3) We have not cooked the Christmas dinner yet.
4) George did not took out the rubbish yesterday.
5) The weather has been cold recently.
Объедини слова.
Winter — season;
Saturday — day of the week;
February — month;
travelling — hobby;
Christmas — holiday;
minute — time;
volleyball — game;
12 years old — age;
the 11th of January — date.
Выбери правильный глагол.
1) b);
2) с);
3) a);
4) b);
5) b).
Запиши полные формы.
1) I’m — I am;
2) He won’t — he will not;
3) He’s — he is, he has;
4) we’ve — we have;
5) She hasn’t — she has not;
6) You’re — you are;
7) You weren’t — you were not;
8) They aren’t — they are not.
Твой друг только что вернулся с каникул. Ты спрашиваешь его об этом. Запиши свои вопросы.
1) Where did you go?
2) How long did you stay there?
3) Did you stay at a hotel?
4) Was the weather fine?
5) What did you do during your holiday?
6) Did you enjoy your holiday?
Добавь разделительные окончания.
1) He invited his friends to his place, didn’t he?
2) Alice has won a funny prize in the show, hasn’t she?
3) The brothers don’t get along with their parents, do they?
4) He isn’t watching baby animals at the zoo, is he?
5) The city is famous for its museums, isn’t it?
6) Defoe didn’t write the book for children, did he?
7) The poor girl takes care of her sick mother, doesn’t she?
8) The students haven’t arranged a date and time, have they?
9) My sister can speak and read German well, can’t she?
10) We are not going to arrange the picnic, are we?
Найди слова, которые могут быть как глаголом, так и существительным. Дай их значения.
(laugh) — смеяться (гл.), смех (сущ.)
(answer) — отвечать (гл.), ответ (сущ.)
(joke) — шутить (гл.), шутка (сущ.)
(work) — работать (гл.), работа (сущ.)
(smile) — улыбаться (гл.), улыбка (сущ.)
(drink) — пить (гл.), напиток (сущ.)
(fly) — летать (гл.), муха (сущ.)
(phone) — звонить (гл.), телефон (сущ.)
(visit) — навещать (гл.), визит (сущ.)
(show) — показывать (гл.), показ, шоу (сущ.)
Вставь the или а / аn.
1) What is the longest river in the world?
2) Yesterday I bought a newspaper and a magazine. The newspaper was very interesting. The magazine was boring.
3) Would you like an apple?
4) We had dinner in a very nice cafe.
5) I often listen to the radio.
6) Jill played the violin in an orchestra.
Вставь the, если необходимо.
1) Do you know the Wilsons? They’re a very friendly family.
2) The writer visited Canada and the USA.
3) Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.
4) London is on the Thames.
5) Europe is smaller than Africa.
6) The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world.
7) London is famous for the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the British Museum and the Tower of London.
8) Have you ever been to the Kremlin?
9) My pen friend lives in Trumpington Street, in Cambridge.
10) It was her first visit to the United Kingdom.
Посмотри в Лингвистический и Культурный указатель и запиши, чем знамениты эти места.
Buckingham Palace is the London home of the British Royal family.
Cambridge famous for its old University.
10, Downing Street is the official house of the British Prime Minister.
Hyde Park is a large London park where people go to walk or to relax. It is famous for its Speakers’ Corner.
Kensington Gardens famous for its statue of Peter Pan and Kensington Palace.
Oxford has many beautiful old buildings and is famous for its University.
The Tower of London is an ancient fortress in London. It’s famous for the “Beefeaters” and the ravens.
Windsor Castle is one of the official homes of the Royal family.
Вставь предлоги, если необходимо.
1) Не spent a lot of time translating the article.
2) The young mother takes care of her baby.
3) Will they stay with their partners’ families?
4) Linda is responsible for the cultural programme.
5) Could I change my Russian money for American dollars?
6) Westminster Abbey was founded by St. Peter.
7) The town is rich in parks and museums.
8) Are you tired of the work?
9) The society fights for endangered animals.
10) Are you going to get rid of these old things?
11) Will you take the rabbish out, please?
12) Her niece is fond of horseracing,
13) My parents went to the country by car.
14) The palace is famous for its history.
Запиши пять вещей, которые ты изучил по твоему учебнику.
I’ve learned new proverbs.
I’ve learned how to use prepositions.
I’ve learned to ask the questions.
I’ve learned to use English tenses.
I’ve learned many English words.
Впиши буквы. Прочитай английскую пословицу.
Practice makes perfect. — Практика приводит к совершенству.
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