Биболетова Enjoy English – 5-6 класс – Часть 8 – Учебник

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Посмотри на рисунок и скажи, как бы ты хотел(а) проводить свое свободное время.
I would watch video about animals and nature.
I would read different interesting books.
I would travel around the world.
I would listen to music.
Скажи, какие хобби популярны в твоей семье.
I like to listen to the music.
My mother likes to go to the theatre.
My father likes travelling.
My sister likes taking pictures.
My grandfather likes reading.
My grandmother likes gardening.
My cousin likes swimming and diving.
My uncle likes collecting stamps.
Прочитай и найди, что британцы говорят о своих увлечениях.
1) The British are very fond of having picnics. They like to sit in the open air and enjoy nature.
2) The British have fun at discos. They enjoy dancing and listening to the music.
3) The British are fond of sports. They try to keep fit. They go walking in the country and sometimes they go by bike.
Прочитай и переведи сочетания слов. Используй их в своих собственных предложениях.
То be fond of gardening — увлекаться садоводством;
to be fond of travelling — увлекаться путешествиями;
to be fond of reading — увлекаться чтением.
My mother is fond of gardening very much.
I am fond of travelling. I’d like to go to Australia.
My little sister is fond of reading very much. She likes to read fairy tales.
To keep fit — быть в хорошей спортивной форме;
to keep a secret — хранить секрет;
to keep old letters — хранить старые письма.
I try to keep fit that’s why I like skating and skiing in winter. I prefer swimming and running in summer.
My best friend cannot keep secrets that’s why I tell her nothing.
My granny keeps old letters and postcards.
To go to bed — идти в кровать;
to go by bike / by car — ехать на велосипеде / машине;
to go for a walk — идти на прогулку, гулять.
I was tired and went to bed early yesterday.
When the weather is fine, we go to the forest by bike.
I took my dog and went for a walk two days ago.
Прочитай статью о радио в Британии и ответь на вопросы.
a) When do British people usually listen to the radio? — Most British people listen to the radio in the morning.
b) What radio station do young people like to listen to? — Young people listen to the radio stations, which play rock or popular music. “Virgin” radio is a radio station, which plays rock music 24 hours a day.
Кто твои любимые поп-звезда, актер, актриса? Запиши пять вопросов, которые ты бы хотел(а) задать ему / ей.
1) What is your hobby?
2) What do you like to do at home?
3) Do you like to watch TV? What is your favorite TV programme?
4) Do you like to listen to the radio?
5) What kind of food do you prefer?
Дополни предложения.
1) I have a big collection of coins.
2) Now we do it together.
3) There are more than 200 coins from different countries in our collection.
4) Collecting coins isn’t easy, you know.
5) You should know much about different countries and their people.
6) I haven’t got any modern Russian coins in my collection.
Соедини открытки с текстом о праздниках.
Скажи, какой праздник тебе нравится больше всего. Почему? Это международный праздник или отмечается только в России?
Russian people have different holidays. They like to celebrate them. In my opinion, the most favorite holiday is New Year’s Day. It is the best holiday of the year. Many people think that this is the main Russian holiday. People decorate the fur-tree. On New Year’s Day Father Frost comes to the houses and leaves presents for children and adults under the fur-tree. Families get together, prepare tasty dinner, watch the President’s speech on TV, dance and have fun.
Прочитай и переведи предложения.
1) I’ll feed the hamster myself. — Я сам(а) накормлю хомяка.
2) Му little nephew fell down and hurt himself. — Мой маленький племянник упал и ушибся.
3) I think you can do this exercise yourself. — Я думаю, ты можешь выполнить это упражнение самостоятельно.
4) Did you repair the bike yourselves, boys? — Вы починили велосипед сами, мальчики?
5) Ask her to set the table by herself. — Попроси ее самостоятельно накрыть на стол.
6) Look! The puppy is playing by itself. — Посмотри! Щенок играет сам с собой.
7) We took these pictures of endangered animals ourselves. — Мы сами сделали фотографии исчезающих животных.
8) My friends are arranging the important conference themselves. — Мои друзья сами организовывают важную конференцию.
Прочитай предложения. Вставь слова: myself, yourself, himself, herself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.
1) I saw myself in the mirror.
2) Darling, don’t be so lazy and make your bed yourself.
3) We enjoyed ourselves at the disco.
4) Her elder brother has made this model of ship himself.
5) Are you hungry? Please help yourself!
6) Has Olga read this fairy tale in English herself?
7) My dog goes for a walk by itself.
8) My cousin’s students can do this work themselves.
Дополни ответы.
Can I help you? — Yes, thank you.
May I come in? — Yes, please.
Did you say that you know her? — Yes, certainly.
Did you say you’re inviting me to the theatre? — Yes, certainly.
Are you sure you have to leave? — Yes, that’s right.
Can I carry this bag for you? — Yes, thank you.
Would you like to come here again? — Yes, certainly.
Would you like a cup of tea? — No, thank you.
Can you give me a lift to the station? — No, I’m afraid not.
Did you go to the school party last night? — No, I didn’t.
Can you tell me the time, please? — No, I’m afraid I can’t.
Do you mind if I open the window? — No, I don’t.
Расскажи о своих прошлых каникулах.
When I was on holiday, I played computer games. I had no time to read English books. I enjoyed walking in the park in the snow. My winter holiday was too short.
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