Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 1 – Домашняя работа

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Прочитай предложения и дополни их данными словами.
1. America;
2. ocean;
3. short;
4. nature;
5. popular;
6. prefer.
Задай вопросы, на которые Дэниэл уже ответил, говоря о своих летних каникулах.
2. Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?
3. Why do you like summer holidays?
4. What do you do during your summer holidays?
5. What time do you get up in summer?
6. Who do you go hiking with?
7. How many friends do you have?
Закончи предложения глаголом в Present Continuous или Present Simple.
1. are playing; plays;
2. is working; works;
3. am writing; writes;
4. don’t eat; is eating;
5. is doing; do;
6. is reading; reads.
Закончи диалоги глаголом в Present Perfect или Past Simple.
1. — Have you ever been to Italy?
— Yes, I’ve been. It’s a wonderful country.
— When did you go there?
— Last summer.
2. — You’re smiling, aren’t you? What has happened to you?
— I have repaired my bike.
— Really? When did you repair it? Who helped you?
— I did it myself yesterday. Now I can take part in the cycling trip.
3. — I went to the new sports centre last Saturday.
— That’ great. I haven’t been there yet. Is it worth going?
— Yes, definitely.
Закончи предложения, используя таблицу из упр. 38 на стр. 18.
1. travel; traveler;
2. writes; writer;
3. explorer;
4. dancer; to dance;
5. teaches; teacher.
Переведи с русского на английский язык.
– Powerful waterfalls
– Beautiful valley
– Famous desert
– High mountains / rocks
– Wonderful nature
1. In the book there’s new information about the famous waterfalls.
2. There’s no water in the desert.
3. Have you heard the news about the traveler? — not yet.
4. He wanted to make a film about the wonderful nature of the Curonian Spit.
Закончите текст. Напишите три вопроса о пустыне Симпсона.
1. dunes
2. high
3. send
4. sometimes
5. insects
6. desert
7. explore
Закончите предложения про семью Алисы.
1. parents; son; daughters;
2. husband;
3. uncle; niece and nephew;
4. grandma; grandpa.
Сделайте упр.72 на cтр.27 в письменной форме.
Вчера Алиса присматривала за своей маленькой племянницей, Китти. Посмотри на картинки и скажи, что они делали.
1. First they had breakfast.
2. Next they played hide-and-seek.
5. Then they read a book.
4. After that they watered flowers.
5. Finally they made pictures.
Закончите предложения.
1. more modern;
2. less expensive;
3. oldest;
4. best;
5. most popular;
6. nearest.
Закончите предложения верным сложным словом или словосочетанием из упр. 84 на странице 31.
1. vegetable soup
2. bookshop
3. coffee shop
4. milk chocolate
5. countryside
6. bus driver
Прочитайте текст. Составьте одно предложение из двух. Используйте who, which.
1. I live in a nice town, which is situated not far from London.
2. There are lots of nice little cafes which are situated in the centre of the town.
3. The book was written by Mr Lanteen who was a famous scientist.
4. We live in a sem-detached house which stands not far from the city centre.
5. They live in a small village which is situated in the north of Scotland.
6. I know the doctor who is experienced and helpful.
7. However, I like to spend my time in the back garden, which is bigger than the front garden.
Переведите с русского на английский.
a) celebrate a holiday
to chat
to play board games
traditional present
to invite guests in the honour of the Victory
b) 1. Have you already sent a holiday card to Grandma? — Yes, I sent it yesterday. 2. We will go to the picnic. The weather will warm and sunny. Join us. — Thank you, with pleasure.
3. On the 9th of May we remember those who fought for their Motherland.
4. Tomorrow is Jim’s birthday. He has invited a lot of guests. That’s why the party will take place in the garden behind the house. I’m sure everybody will like it.
Закончите предложения словами из списка.
1. hot
2. garden
3. each
4. began
5. air
6. write
7. carefully
8. were
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