Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 1 – Раздел 1 – Учебник

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Прочитай тексты. Постарайся угадать, из каких стран приехали члены клуба.
1. Canada
2. Australia
3. Russia
4. China
Послушай мистера Смита, главу Исследовательского клуба, и закончи предложения.
1. b
2. А
Посмотри на детей. Угадай, из каких они стран. Где расположены эти страны?
1. I think David is from the USA. The USA is in North America.
2. I think Indira is from India. India is in Asia.
3. I think Sue is from Australia. Australia is a separate continent.
4. I think Marco is from South America.
5. I think Jessica is from Canada. Canada is in North America.
6. I think Nikita is from Russia. Russia is in Europe and in Asia.
7. I think Emily is from Britain. Britain is in Europe.
8. I think Andrew is from Ireland. Ireland is in Europe.
Прочитай письмо Никиты. Поставь глаголы в скобках в Present Simple или Present Continuous.
1. is speaking
2. Phones
3. are sitting
4. are having
5. is telling
6. is smiling
7. cook
8. is playing
9. plays
10. wants
11. is writing
12. is reading
13. is feeding
Ответь на вопросы.
1. David is speaking on his mobile phone. He often phones home to learn about his puppy’s latest adventures.
2. No. Sue and Indira are sitting in a cafe. In the evening they cook different dishes from their countries.
3. Marco is very good at football.
4. Emily is writing an article, because she wants to become a journalist.
5. Jessica is reading an English magazine.
6. Andrew is feeding a squirrel. He is from Ireland.
7. Yes, he does. Nikita takes photos of his friends.
Задай вопросы. Послушай и проверь ответы.
1. Who do you talk on your mobile with?
2. How do you spell your surname?
3. When do you get up on Sundays?
4. Where do you spend your summer holidays?
5. What do you have?
6. What do you do at weekends?
7. When do you do your homework?
Посмотри на членские билеты. Ответь на вопросы.
1. Daniel is older than Jessica.
2. Jessica lives in North America.
3. They both like visiting places of interest, they both like travelling.
5. Jessica would like to visit France and Italy.
6. Daniel likes playing sports and Jessica likes reading books.
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