Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 1 – Раздел 4 – Учебник

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Скажи, какие предложения верны, а какие нет. Исправь неверные предложения.
1. true
2. false — The Wilsons are not going to Australia.
3. true
4. false — Olivia and Alice wear glasses.
5. false — Alice is as tall as Olivia’s cousin Jane.
6. false — Jimmy is the name of Alice’s parrot.
7. true
8. True
Закончи предложения словами as и not as.
1. not as
2. not as
3. as
4. as
5. not as
6. as
7. As
Соедини слова и фразы.
1. d
2. g
3. b
4. а
5. h
6. с
7. f
8. е
Закончи таблицу с родственниками.
Females: mother, sister, grandmother, niece, daughter, aunt;
Males: father, son, brother, nephew, uncle, grandfather.
Работайте в парах. Заполните таблицу.
Family: Characteristics
A friendly family: Members of the family always help each other
A loving family: Love each other
A close family: They are close friends
A caring family: Take care about each other
A hospitable family: Like to meet their friends at home
A sporty family: They are fond of sport
Есть ли у тебя какие-нибудь обязанности по дому?
I like to do and I do: to wash up, to walk the pet, to help in the garden, to go shopping.
I don’t like to do but I do: to make the bed, to take out the rubbish, to sweep the floor, to water the plants.
Прочитай рассказ и ответь на вопросы.
1. Grandma had a birthday party.
2. Clara’s present was the best.
3. There was a pile of Grandma’ relatives.
4. She was happy to see the smiles on every face.
5. Clara decided to make such a present, because she wanted to make her Granny happy.
6. She took pictures.
Вчера Алиса присматривала за своей маленькой племянницей, Китти. Посмотри на картинки и скажи, что они делали.
1. First they had breakfast.
2. Next they played hide-and-seek.
3. Then they read a book.
4. After that they watered flowers.
5. Finally they made pictures.
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