Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 1 – Раздел 5 – Рабочая тетрадь

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а) Вставь пропущенные буквы.
Stadium, museum, shopping centre, post office, supermarket, theatre, cafe, restaurant, monument, bank, library, pharmacy, newsagent.
б) В каком месте ты можешь услышать следующие фразы?
1. in a stadium
2. in a shopping centre
3. in a library
4. in a pharmacy
5. in a library
6. in a bank
7. in a theatre
Обведи лишнее слово.
1. a house
2. a town centre
3. a show
4. Dangerous
Переведи с русского на английский.
а) A pleasant colour, an old pine, a peaceful park, a new shopping centre, an interesting museum, a school library.
б) 1. I like living in the country. There are high pine-trees near our house. Not far from our place there is a small lake. In summer we bathe in the lake and lie in the sun. In the mornings we go fishing to the lake together with the grandfather. Have you ever gone fishing?
2. I live in the centre of the city. But there is a big peaceful park near the house. There are a lot of different trees in the park, and beautiful flowers and fountains. All the members of my family love this park. In the morning my brother goes jogging in the park. In the daytime I and my friends go roll-skating there. At the weekends we go for walks in the park.
Закончи текст.
1. historical
2. modern
3. perform
4. centre
5. stadium
6. happy
Подбери названия к картинкам.
1. a detached house
2. a terraced house
3. a castle
4. a block of flats
5. a palace
6. a semi-detached house
Закончи предложения, вставляя who или which.
1. who
2. which
3. who
4. which
5. who
6. which
Закончи текст, вставляя нужный предлог из списка.
1. from
2. of
3. with
4. in
5. in
6. of
7. to
8. of
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