Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 1 – Раздел 6 – Рабочая тетрадь

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Прочитай слова и соотнеси их с разными праздниками. Некоторые слова подходят к обеим группам.
St Valentine’s Day: Chocolates and a special card, join hands, go to church, keep it secret, guess who sent the card;
Christmas: Decorate a tree, a stocking full of presents, coloured lights and decoration, have a good time, cook roast turkey and a special pudding, sing at midnight;
Mother’s Day: Flowers and small presents, help about the house, a spring holiday;
New Year: Send sms to friends and relatives, coloured lights and decoration, set off fireworks.
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1. fought
2. often
3. over
4. terrible
5. wear
6. veterans
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1. her
2. younger
3. studies
4. second
5. doesn’t want
6. went
7. children
8. have already had
9. will spend
Прочитай заметки об особых днях в Британии. Сопоставь их с картинками и напиши
короткое описание каждого события.
2. April Fool’s Day.
The celebration of this funny holiday is popular in England and in Scotland. On the 1st of April people play jokes and tricks on their friends before midday. There is a lot fun on this day.
3. Trooping the Colour (or Carrying of the Flag).
On the second Saturday of June one of the biggest ceremonies of the year takes place. People celebrate the Queen’s official birthday. You can see a military parade and marching musicians, and soldiers in colourful uniform.
4. The London Marathon.
In the end of April or early May a lot of people participate in the London Marathon. Sportsmen and people in wheelchairs, celebrities and housewives, teachers and students — all of them run 42 km from Greenwich Park to Buckingham Palace. All the money from the Marathon goes for charity.
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