Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 2 – Раздел 2 – Учебник

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Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.
1. The Moscow Zoo was open in 1864.
2. It is situated in the centre of Moscow.
3. Nowadays more than 6 000 animals live in the Zoo.
4. In the Moscow Zoo you can walk and watch wildlife, see a dolphin show, go on rides and take part in various activities and festivals.
5. The Zoo is open every day except Mondays and it’s free for children.
Найди в тексте слова и выражения, которые имеют похожее значение с данными словами.
Greatest – largest
In the centre of – In the heart of
A lot of – Plenty of
To be situated – To be located
very – extremely
To look at – To watch
nature – wildlife
beautiful – lovely
exotic – rare
Закончи предложения, используя информацию из текстов.
1. The London Zoo, which is situated in the heart of London in Regent’s Park, was opened on 27th April, 1828.
2. Londoners and tourists who come to London can also visit the London Zoo.
3. Tourists can visit the London Zoo which is open all the year round except 25th December.
4. The Moscow Zoo which is located in the heart of the Russian capital, was opened more than 250 years ago.
5. The Moscow Zoo, which is free for children, has various fun activities for their young visitors.
Ответь на вопросы из писем, которые зоопарк получает от детей из разных стран.
1. In the zoo you can see different kinds of animals.
2. You can’t take your dog to the zoo.
3. You can walk and watch wildlife, see a dolphin show, go on rides and take part in various activities and festivals.
4. You can take photos of the penguins.
5. You can’t visit the zoo at night.
6. You can’t feed the animals in the zoo.
7. If there is a special attraction, probably in some zoo you can ride an elephant or a camel.
8. You can’t take any of the baby animals home with you.
Прочитай эти знаки. Что они означают? Какие еще знаки ты видел в зоопарке? В других общественных местах?
No smoking – He курить
Please keep off the grass – По газону не ходить
Please do not feed the animals – Животных не кормить
No fishing – Рыбу ловить запрещено
No swimming – Купаться запрещено
No dogs – Выгул собак запрещен
No flash – При фотографировании выключите вспышку
No ices – С мороженым вход запрещен
Прочитай и переведи следующие фразы. Затем придумай сними предложения.
1. Scientists of the whole world as well as members of the public organizations try to save endangered animals. — Ученые всего мира, как и члены общественных организаций, пытаются спасти вымирающие виды животных.
2. Many of my classmates have joined the organization, which protects the environment. — Многие из моих одноклассников вступили в организацию по защите окружающей среды.
3. The natural world is in danger. — Живая природа находится в опасности.
4. Many kinds of different animals live in the Moscow Zoo. — Многие виды разных животных живут в Московском зоопарке.
Посмотри на картинку и опиши ее.
1. In the picture I can see some children in the zoo and a woman on the bench. Maybe, she’s their mother.
2. They are wearing nice convenient clothes. The boys have jeans and the girl has a skirt put on. One boy and the girl are wearing jackets, and the other boy is wearing a sweater.
3. The first boy is riding a horse and his sister is taking pictures of him. Their brother is standing near the giraffe cage. He is reading about this animal. Their mother is sitting on the bench and looking at her children. They are all happy.
4. I’d like to join the children too.
Прочитай и скажи, как ты можешь помочь спасти исчезающих животных.
There are many things a person can do every day to help save the lives of endangered animals. People must protect their natural habitats, stop cutting trees, but plant trees and flowers and put bird houses and feeders all around your home. Joining an organization which tries to protect the environment can help a person to learn new ways to help animals.
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