Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 3 – Домашняя работа

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Закончи текст, вставляя глаголы в соответствующем времени.
1. is
2. visited
3. was
4. were
5. got
6. told
7. will begin
Сделай упражнение 13 на стр. 78 письменно.
1. unusual traditions
2. popular places of interest
3. thrilling competitions
4. interesting interviews
5. amazing photos
6. modern music and films
7. important historical events
8. to get experience
Сделай упражнение 23 на стр. 80 письменно.
Dear IEC team,
I think your project is very interesting and useful for students all over the world.
I’d like to take an active part in building the website. I also hope that there will be information about sport and important sport events. We can discuss the latest competitions, matches and Olympic Games. That would be great!
What do you think about it?
I’m looking for your answer.
Peter Ivanov
Переведи с русского на английский.
– To consist of three parts
– International internet-project
– Interesting facts about the history of the country
– Unusual traditions
– To discuss the detail
– The official name of the country
1. London is the place of birth of many famous people.
2. Every year 20 million people visit Great Britain.
3. The national flag of the United Kingdom is called the Union Jack.
4. The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Закончи предложения, вставляя глаголы в соответствующем времени.
1. have; has;
2. did; was;
3. has; has;
4. is;
5. has;
6. does; consists;
7. are they speaking; are discussing.
Сделай упражнение 49 на стр. 86 письменно.
— Ann, I’d like to ask you several questions about the United Kingdom. I’m doing a quiz and don’t know some answers.
— OK, I will help you with pleasure.
— What is the official name of the country?
— The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
— What countries does it consist of?
— The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
— What are the capitals of them?
— London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. Each country has its own symbol: rose, daffodil, thistle and clover.
— What about the climate and geography?
— The climate is mild, rainy. The geography is different in different places. There are a lot of rivers, lakes, valleys and mountains.
— What is the official language?
— English.
— Thank you.
— You are welcome.
Сделай упражнение 57 на стр. 89 письменно. Соедини части предложений.
1. с
2. f
3. b
4. d
5. а
6. i
Переведи с русского на английский.
– International festival
– Unusual trip
– Historical event
– National holiday
– Musical city centre
1 . Our guide is an energetic and talkative student.
2. Last year Masha made the project about English speaking countries.
3. The tourists have seen a thrilling film about exotic plants.
4. Our classmates are going to a scientific exhibition.
5. Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Составь словосочетания, затем переведи на русский язык.
1. long river — длинная река
2. international conference — международная конференция
3. popular exhibition — популярная выставка
4. central park — центральный парк
5. big building — большое здание
6. beautiful square — прекрасная площадь
7. modern stadium — современный стадион
8. colourful symbol — красочный символ
9. well-known monument — известный памятник
10. famous theatre — знаменитый театр
Сделай упражнение 80 на стр. 95 письменно. Посмотри на фотографии и скажи, что делают люди.
These photos show Wales and the Welsh. In some pictures we see children in the national Welsh costumes. They are celebrating National Day. Some pictures are devoted to sport. People are playing rugby, the other are watching a game in the Millennium Stadium. The other pictures show the wonders of nature — St Winifred’s Well and waterfalls.
Задай вопросы к предложениям.
1. When did they get up during the holidays?
2. What does our teacher know?
3. What kind of climate does Northern Ireland have?
4. Where can you discover ancient paths.
5. What is he doing now?
6. Who will play a lot of games next week?
7. What do animals and plants love?
Заполни пропуски. Используй слова из таблицы.
1. friends
2. present
3. piece
4. luck
5. fire
6. winter
Закончи предложения.
1. myself
2. themselves
3. himself
4. yourselves
5. himself
6. herself
7. themselves
Сделай упражнение 108 на стр. 103 письменно. Найди в тексте предложения, описывающие картинки.
1. Suddenly, the brownie jumped out from behind the fireplace.
2. Then they started running and playing near the fire.
3. Running near the fireplace, Percy accidentally touched the coals in the fireplace, and one of them fell on the brownie’s foot. The brownie cried aloud.
4. “Who has hurt you?” the Old Fairy asked from the fireplace.
Заполни пропуски. Переведи слова.
Business — a businessman Бизнес — бизнесмен
To dance — dancer Танцевать — танцор
Politics — a politician Политика — политик
Camera — a cameraman Фотоаппарат — репортер
To teach — teacher Учить — учитель
Music — a musician Музыка — музыкант
Show — showman Шоу — шоумен
To sing — singer Петь — певец
Poetry — a poet Поэзия — поэт
Sport — a sportsman Спорт — спортсмен
Write — writer Писать — писатель
Science — a scientist Наука — ученый
Fire — a fireman Пожар — пожарник
Drive — a driver Водить — водитель
Art — an artist Искусство — художник
Задай вопросы к предложениям, начиная со слова, данного в скобках.
1. Where has Molly been to?
2. When did we visit New York?
3. How is your friend going to travel?
4. Who will go to London next month?
5. Where is the concert taking place?
6. Where hasn’t your little sister been yet?
7. What did you do two days ago?
Вставь пропущенные слова, используя слова из таблицы.
1. hobbies
2. photos
3. theatre
4. on the phone
5. reading
6. playing
7. sport
8. makes
9. big
10. watch
Переведи с русского на английский.
1. to get on with
2. to share a room with the elder brother
3. to clean the room
4. to wash the dishes
5. Can you keep secrets?
6. Look! Robin isn’t wasting time. He is learning how to play the guitar.
7. You have to stop playing computer games.
8. My sister is chatting too much over the telephone.
9. My family likes to spend time together.
10. Are you ready to the control work?
Поставь глаголы в правильную форму.
1. have solved
2. are
3. get
4. share
5. love
6. is
7. think
8. tells
9. do
10. is chatting
11. has cleaned
12. has watered
13. is
14. is
15. like
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