Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 3 – Раздел 5 – Учебник

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Соедини картинки и тексты.
1. D
2. С
3. А
4. В
Закончи предложения.
1. с
2. b
3. b
4. с
Закончи предложения, вставляя верное название места.
1. the North Sea
2. the Highlands
3. Ben Nevis
4. Loch Ness
5. Aberdeen
6. Edinburgh
7. Glasgow
Прочитай диалог между гидом и туристами. Расставь предложения в правильном порядке.
1. Hello! I’m your guide. I’ll show you around Scotland this week. Have you got any questions?
2. Hello!
3. Hello! What will we visit first?
4. We are going to Edinburgh first. It is the cultural centre and the capital of Scotland. On Sunday, we’ll take part in a Festival of Music and Drama.
5. Oh! A festival! That’s sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear the bagpipes. Will the Grand Parade take place tomorrow?
6. Yes, it will be tomorrow. Every year the Grand Parade takes place with over 3,500 musicians, singers, bands and dancers from all over the world. All of them will be in their national costume.
7. Fantastic! Where can we watch the Parade?
8. They will parade through the city streets. It will be not far from your hotel.
9. OK! Let’s go to the hotel!
Соедини слова и их определения.
1. с
2. d
3. b
4. а
Скажи, верны ли следующие утверждения.
1. false — Percy was a little boy.
2. false — Percy newer wanted to go to sleep on time.
3. false — She argued with Percy.
4. true
5. false — She always left him a jar of cream as thanks.
Скажи, почему…
1. Не liked to listen to fairy tales his mother told.
2. She was tired of everyday arguing.
3. He came to clean the house while everybody slept.
4. She always left him a jar of cream as thanks.
5. She was bad.
Закончи текст.
1. wanted
2. liked
3. listen
4. thought
5. tired
6. left
7. said
8. take
9. afraid
10. decided
Закончи предложения.
1. myself
2. yourselves
3. ourselves
4. himself
5. yourself
6. herself
7. itself
8. themselves
Прочитай конец сказки и скажи, почему домовенок убежал?
Percy dropped a hot coal on the brownie’s foot and hurt him.
Найди в тексте предложения, описывающие картинки.
1. Suddenly, the brownie jumped out from behind the fireplace.
2. Then they started running and playing near the fire.
3. Running near the fireplace, Percy accidentally touched the coals in the fireplace, and one of them fell on the brownie’s foot. The brownie cried aloud.
4. “Who has hurt you?” the Old Fairy asked from the fireplace.
Скажи, кто в тексте….
1. Percy
2. Percy
3. the brownie
4. the brownie
5. the Old Fairy
6. Percy
Подбери русский эквивалент к почерпнутому слову.
а) сам
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