Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 4 – Раздел 1 – Рабочая тетрадь

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Вставь пропущенные буквы.
Adventure, experience, unknown, extraordinary, incredible, boring, ordinary, safety, exciting, practice, usual.
Подбери пары слов с противоположным значением.
a) dangerous — safe,
extraordinary — usual,
incredible — ordinary,
real — unreal,
serious — funny,
polite — impolite,
ancient — modern,
tall — short,
handsome — ugly,
athletic — non-athletic,
strong — weak,
hard-working — lazy,
obedient — naughty,
noisy — quiet;
b) to agree — to disagree,
to put on — to take off,
to forget — to remember,
to be right — to be wrong,
to start — to stop,
to repair — to break,
to love — to hate,
to find — to lose,
to close — to open,
to give — to take,
to sit — to stand,
to talk — to keep silent.
Расставь слова в правильном порядке, чтобы получились предложения.
1. We collected all the necessary things for camping.
2. My father took a fishing boat.
3. My sister likes hiking best of all.
4. I love being in the countryside.
5. This beautiful river runs into a lake.
6. My classmates arranged a summer crosscountry trip.
Закончи таблицу.
Singular (one) -Plural (two or more)
flower – flowers
man – men
woman – women
child – children
mouse – mice
foot – feet
baby – babies
party – parties
shelf – shelves
wife – wives
Закончи предложения.
1. are
2. them
3. them
4. a pair of
5. a pair of
6. are
7. them
Посмотри на картинки. Подпиши вещи, которые ты возьмешь с собой в поход.
1. a sweater
2. glasses
3. backpack
4. a map
5. a torch
6. a compass
7. a sleeping bag
8. boots
9. a tent
10. a water — and windproof jacket
You don’t need a globe
а) Ты собираешься зимой на загородную прогулку. Какие вещи из списка ты возьмешь с собой?
1. a coat
2. mittens
3. a sweater
4. trousers
5. a hat
6. a scarf
7. hiking boots
б) Твой друг собирается летом на загородную прогулку. Какие вещи из списка ему понадобятся?
1. trainers
2. a shirt
3. a cap
4. shorts
5. a wind-breaker
6. a sleeping-bag
7. a compass
Соедини слова. Напиши пять предложений с любыми из этих словосочетаний.
1. to be fond of
2. to be proud of
3. to be tired with
4. to be full of
5. to be famous for
6. to be different from
7. to be fond of
8. to look for
9. to look out
10. to look at
1. My dog likes to look out of the window.
2. What are looking for? — My glasses.
3. I’m so tired of all these troubles!
4. The mother can be proud of her son.
5. This countryside is completely different from the one we visited yesterday.
Заполни пропуски.
to go for a walk – идти на прогулку
to go fishing – идти на рыбалку
to go on – продолжать
to go hiking – идти в поход
to go by bike – ездить на велосипеде
to go to bed – ложиться спать
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