Биболетова 6 класс, 2014 – Модуль 4 – Раздел 5 – Учебник

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Прочитай короткий абзац о британских фестивалях и особых днях. Скажи, есть ли такие праздники в России.
There are holidays common for Russian and for British: New Year, Easter, etc.
And there are holidays and festivals, which you can see only in Britain or only in Russia. In Russia we don’t have Pancake Day or Harvest festival.
Расскажи про русский праздник Масленицу.
Maslenitsa is a Russian folk holiday. This is the sun festival which celebrates the end of the winter.
This day has some traditional activities: sleighriding, visiting one’s parents, making pancakes. On this day people burn a straw figure of Lady Maslenitsa, putting it into the flames of a bonfire.
Прочитай рассказ. Выпиши главные мысли. Расскажи историю, опираясь на свой план,
1. Annie’s early morning on Mother’s Day.
2. A field of disies.
3. Annie gives her daisie-present to Mum and Grandma.
4. Dad is taking pictures.
5. Grandpa’s apple dumplings.
6. The best thing is to have a family.
Прочитай следующие предложения. Найди, из какой части текста они взяты.
1. С
2. Е
3. А
4. D
5. B
Посмотри на картинки к упр. 98. Найди предложения в тексте, которые описывают картинки. Прочитай их вслух.
1. Annie went outside quietly. Just then Snowflake came running out through the doggie door.
2. Annie picked a dozen daisies for her mum and granny. She picked a dozen more to make a chain for her head.
3. When Annie came home her mum and granny were up now. Granny was sitting in the chair knitting a jumper.
4. Apple dumplings and an orange tart!
5. After that they spent the rest of the day together, enjoying their time as a family.
Посмотри на картинки к упр. 98. Скажи, что делают люди.
1. Mother is sleeping. Annie is going out.
2. Annie is picking up daisies.
3. Mother is talking to Annie. Annie is kissing her Granny. Granny is knitting
4. Grandpa is treating everyone with apple dumplings.
5. The family are enjoying their holiday.
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