Биркун, 7. Unit 4. Lesson 5

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The first boy was fighting and now he has a bruise.
The second boy fell and scratched his knee.
The third boy has a stomachache, a food poisoning.
The girl cut her finger.
A little boy got a scald.
And the last girl has got a burn.
1)a scald
2) a burn
3) a scratch
4) food poisoning
5) a cut
6) to bleed
7) a bruise
Home is a dangerous place. Don’t use a chair, a table or a pile of boxes to get something from the top.
Keep kitchen knives in a knife rack.
Never pick up broken glasses with bare hands.
Keep the floors dry.
Turn pot handles to the back of the cooker.
Use a rubber mat in the bathroom.
Keep soap in a holder.
Keep drugs away from children.
Read the instructions to medicines carefully.
Use electric tools carefully.
Keep everything in its place.
In the radio programme were not discussed the following rules:
When you fill a bath always put the cold water in first.
Do not touch anything electrical if your hands are wet.
Never take medicines belonging to someone else.
Never run when carrying anything hot or sharp.
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