Быкова 2 класс. Module 1. Now I know. Exercise 4 – Listen and colour.

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  • Refer children to the picture and elicit the items they know (king, queen, cup, tea, cake). Ask children to take out their coloured pencils and put them on their desks. They are going to need red, blue, green yellow and pink. Play the cassette/CD up to the first pause. Draw children’s attention to the example. Pick up a yellow colouring pencil and pretend to colour in the cup. Play the rest of the listening. Children listen and colour. (There is a natural pause on the cassette/CD during which children colour in the items.) Provide more time if necessary by pausing the cassette/CD. Check children’s answers. (a green king, a red queen, green tea, a pink cake).

    Woman: Colour the cup yellow.
    Girl: Yellow? A yellow cup?
    Woman: Yes, that’s right.
    Woman: Now, colour the king green.
    Girl: Colour the king green?
    Woman: Yes, the king is green.
    Woman: Can you see the queen? Colour the queen red!
    Girl: A red queen?
    Woman: Yes, colour the queen red.
    Woman: The tea is green.
    Girl: Green tea?
    Woman: Yes, colour the tea green Girl: OK, The tea is green.
    Woman: Now, colour the cake pink.
    Girl: A pink cake! Mmm – that’s nice!
    Woman: Yes, A pink cake!

  • Ask children questions about the colour of the items.

    Teacher: What colour is the cup?
    Child: Yellow. etc


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