Быкова 2 класс. Module 2. Now I know. Exercise 4 – Listen and tick (✓).

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  • Refer children to the pictures and elicit the items. Play the cassette/CD up to the first pause. Draw children’s attention to the example. Play the rest of the listening. Children listen and tick. (There is a natural pause on the cassette/CD during which children circle the items.) Provide more time if necessary by pausing the cassette/CD. Check children’s answers (book in schoolbag, pen in pencil case).
    Girl: Mummy, where’s my pencil case?
    Woman: It ’s on your desk.
    Girl: Mummy, where’s my book?
    Woman: It ’s in your schoolbag.
    Girl: Mummy, where’s my pen?
    Woman: It ’s in your pencil case.
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